Best Prop Bets for Super Bowl 2024

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The Super Bowl is not just any game—it’s the peak (and the end) of the football season, where only one team will bring home the trophy. Not only that, Super Bowl Sunday is an iconic day where people get together even if they don’t like football. For instance, I go to parties just for the snacks (bonus points if there is spicy guacamole).

This athletic event brings together the unexpected and anticipated in a celebration of sports, entertainment, and, yes, even a little romance. You know who we are talking about—the golden couple of the moment. Taylor Swift and tight-end Travis Kelce have been dating, and the songbird’s attendance at the Kansas City Chiefs games has created a frenzy among football fans and Swifties.

So this year, the focus isn’t solely on the two teams taking the field—the romance between the NFL superstar and the pop icon will be a spectacle. As the big game inches closer, the couple has ignited an insane amount of speculation, and you know what that means? Tay-Tay and Travis prop bets.

Will she wear her signature red lip (she will, but don’t bet against that one; if you see it, you’ll lose)? We have some interesting theories about the alternative wagers people may be placing, so here are our picks for the best prop bets for Super Bowl 2024!

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The Kelce-Swift Phenomenon

Let’s talk about Super Bowl prop bets, which are the wagers that go beyond the game’s score or player statistics. The “Swift” romantic relationship between Travis and Taylor has opened up a whole new category for these side bets. Fans and bettors are now hyper-focused on watching the couple’s every move, ready to place their bets on outcomes that blur the lines between pop culture football.

Prop Bet #1: The Kelce-Swift Engagement

Rumors on the streets are saying that one of the most talked-about prop bets this Super Bowl is a possible engagement between the couple. Bookmakers are offering odds on Travis Kelce popping the question to Taylor Swift at some point—either during halftime or after the game. Hopefully, it’s not mid-game because that would be bad for the Chiefs and super awkward.

Will the year’s biggest game also become the backdrop for a huge romantic gesture? Odds are pretty good that this particular bet is gaining traction from beyond the usual sports betting crowd.

Prop Bet #2: First Touchdown Celebration

Moving back to the football field, another prop bet gaining momentum surrounds Kelce’s first touchdown celebration. Bettors can wager on whether Kelce will make a heart symbol with his hands, blow a kiss to the camera or to Taylor, or maybe bust a move that’s a nod to one of Swift’s iconic music videos—the possibilities there are endless. This is a fun (and cute, awww) bet that mixes game-time action with the off-field narrative.

Prop Bet #3: Halftime Show Surprise Appearance

We know that Usher is performing at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show—but there are surprise guest appearances. And with one of the biggest musical stars in the world being on the sidelines, could Taylor Swift grace the stage? Given her relationship with Kelce, the odds of Swift joining Usher on stage to perform a song or simply to show support are decent! This prop bet is perfect for those who love the halftime show as much (maybe more) as the game itself.

Prop Bet #4: The Swift Sideline Shot

Exactly how many times will the cameras cut to Taylor Swift during the game? Based on the last few games she’s attended to support her boo, this is a sure thing for prop bettors. This wager tests the producers’ tendencies, and judging from the past games, they cut to Swift too much—so much that fans complain about it. We are pretty sure that the producers won’t break this streak and cut to her a lot.

Kelce's Mom and Swift - Kansas City Chiefs

Prop Bet #5: Social Media Mentions

Are you extremely online? If so, this prop bet is for you! Social media plays a big role in how events are experienced in real-time, and this wager revolves around the number of mentions the couple gets on platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram during the Super Bowl. It’s a modern take on prop betting that pays homage to the impact of social media on sports and entertainment.

Prop Bet #6: The Coin Toss Result

A good old classic that never loses its charm, the coin toss bet is as straightforward as it gets, but it’s a perennial favorite among Super Bowl prop bets. If you’re planning to bet on Super Bowl 2024, you can wager on whether the coin will land heads or tails, making it the perfect kickoff to the betting festivities. This bet is purely based on chance, offering a 50/50 shot at winning, and it’s a fun way to start the game!


  • Heads -104
  • Tails -104

Prop Bet #7: The Color of the Gatorade Shower

This prop bet has become a Super Bowl tradition, where bettors predict the color of the Gatorade that will be dumped over the winning team’s head coach. Options usually include orange, blue, yellow, red, purple, or green. This bet adds a playful and unpredictable element to the endgame celebrations, as it depends on the winning team’s Gatorade preference that day—and you never know, being that there are like 40 flavors!


  • Orange +300
  • Yellow/Lime or Green +390
  • Purple +390
  • Blue +440
  • Red/Pink +500
  • Water/Clear +700

Final Pre-Game Thoughts

The Super Bowl is so much more than just a game; it’s a cultural event that brings together football fans and finger-food snack lovers. This year, the adorable romance between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift adds another storyline, changing up some of the more traditional prop bets into a pop culture phenomenon.

Whether you’re an experienced bettor or a casual fan who’s been bewitched by a celeb relationship, Super Bowl 2024 promises a little something for everyone—sports, entertainment, and a Love Story.

As the excitement builds and bets are placed, the plot of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift and the madness surrounding them means that the Super Bowl can be a stage for more than football. Whether you’re tuning in for the touchdowns, the halftime show, or the chance of possibly being a bystander to a huge romantic gesture, Super Bowl 2024 will surely be a good time. Bet smart, and don’t forget to gamble responsibly!

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