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If you’re getting ready to become a member of an online sports betting app or a real money online casino, one of the best things you could do is take a little time to lightly research the platform before making your first deposit or wager.

Not only is it critical to find a betting app that has the right sports markets or casino games, but you’ll want to pinpoint a platform that lets you make deposits or collect payouts on your terms, allows you to earn bonus funds through promotions, or a rewards program, and collect your wins promptly.

Check out the links posted on this page to our comprehensive gambling app reviews. We’ll reveal how we rate and review our favorite sports books and online casinos, as well as give you some tips for choosing a gambling app that’ll deliver a great experience.

All Gambling App Reviews

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking in-depth, honest reviews of our favorite gambling apps. We aim to give you the most updated and accurate take on these online sports betting and casino apps as possible; we’re not here to plug specific platforms, sweep their flaws under the rug, and do whatever we can to get you signed up. No, we want to build trust with you, and that starts with unbiased reviews where all the pros and cons we discover are laid bare.

So, check out our comprehensive gambling app reviews below and learn which platform will be the best fit for you as you dive into the world of online sports betting and casino gameplay.

Our team of experts diligently research and review all of the products and services we recommend. If you sign up through our links, we may receive a commission.

If you want to verify what we’re claiming is true, use the free trial links in our betting app reviews to test each sports book or online casino risk-free. You don’t have to deposit any funds into your new account as a free member, and you can check out the app to see the accuracy of our appraisal.

We don’t gain anything if we’re not honest with our readers. We want to earn your trust today, so check out our reviews. Use the free trial plans and see how realistic our takes and opinions are on these sports betting and casino apps.

Why You Can Trust Our Reviews

Who are we to tell you what’s what when it comes to online sports betting and casino apps? After all, we’re just one voice out of hundreds of people writing about online betting for real money. How are we different from the other organizations and businesses who review these apps, too?

We’ll explain what sets us apart from the crowd (at least from our perspective), and hopefully, we can earn your trust today. Check out how we rate and review gambling apps and shed some light on how other review sites fall short in their online takes.

Our Proven Review Process

When it comes to our online reviews, there’s undoubtedly a method to our madness. We have a standard operating procedure that helps us create easy-to-read reviews that are informative, digestible, and completely honest. We’ll share how this process works. There’s no secret recipe for this stuff; we’d love to be forthcoming with our review techniques so you can see what goes into crafting trustworthy reviews.

These are the boxes we tick during the review process before posting our content; it’s a checklist of sorts for ensuring our appraisals are the most comprehensive, accurate, and honest to be found anywhere online.

How Other Review Sites Miss the Mark

Unfortunately, you’ll find a lot of voices online recommending gambling or betting apps, but their business practices result in a lot of lackluster or subpar content that you might want to take with a grain of salt. They’re not complete garbage or anything like that; you can find some nuggets of truth in there. But these reviews are working from a subtle angle, so they might not be the most accurate or truthful.

Here’s how other review sites fall short in their appraisal process:

Our Review Criteria for Quality Standards

Our team examines several criteria to ensure our online gambling app recommendations meet quality standards. Any platform we appraise gets a score for each of these qualities, and then we pull the average to arrive at our overall score for the sports book, betting app, or online casino. Like always, we look at all the pros and cons to achieve a fair, accurate score in these crucial criteria areas.

Safety and Security Graph

Safety & Security

Our favorite gambling apps use strong, encrypted connections to keep their customers’ private data safe and secure. We’ve studied the history of many of these platforms, and we’ve seen no significant problems where a customer’s sensitive information is in jeopardy. We noticed, too, that these gambling apps include resources for bettors or gamblers who might be struggling with addictions. They are under the “Responsible Gambling” tab on the app’s main menu.

Reputation Icon

Trusted Reputation

Some of the gambling apps we enjoy have only been around for a handful of years, but they have grown and cultivated a reputation that’s worthy of your trust. Some newer entries into the online gambling world, like BetMGM Sports or Caesars Sportsbook, are partnered with trustworthy staples in Las Vegas and Atlantic City; they’ve done well for themselves after only four or five years on the market.

Banking Options Graph

Banking Options

Each gambling app lets customers deposit and collect funds using the best methods for their budget and financial situation. They offer credit/debit card depositing and some great banking options that can be used for deposits and payouts like Play+ card, bank transfers, and e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Venmo. There are options for collecting funds at participating retail sports betting locations. Bettors can enjoy instant deposits and fast payouts, typically within 48 hours or less.

Welcome Bonus Graph

Bonuses & Promotions

Another significant factor in choosing the best gambling apps was bonuses and promotions, namely those available to new customers. These are the best ways to gain extra funds or bonus bets in the early stages of gambling. The minimum requirement for this condition was that the gambling app have at least one solid welcome bonus. However, several of our favorite apps offer more deals beyond that, like parlay betting bonuses with the sportsbook or free spins for slots at online casinos.

Mobile App Graph

Mobile Usability

Not only can you access our favorite gambling apps by visiting the website on your computer or through the web browser on your phone, but each platform has a dedicated mobile app that’s free for download at the App Store or Google Play. As a result, these gambling apps can be used on various devices, and bettors/gamblers can wager on sports or play their favorite casino games just about anywhere.

Location Icon

Personalized Experience/Localization

Because there are only certain states where bettors and players can use these online casinos and sports books, many of them have partnered with local land casinos or retail sports betting locations so customers can enjoy a personalized experience specific to the state they live in. This includes being able to deposit and collect funds at retail sportsbooks, enjoying games you’d find at your local land casino, or joining rewards clubs where points are gained through online play and redeemable for things like meals, overnight stays, or concierge services in real life.

Payout Speed Graph

Payout Speed and Consistency

All sportsbooks and online casinos on our list have multiple payout options, including Play+ cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, or Venmo, bank transfers, and collecting payouts at a participating land-based betting location. All payout speeds are listed on the websites and mobile apps; we’ve tested each out and found they are super consistent and accurate to the posted wait times. Collecting at a land-based location is the one method where you can get your money right away.

Customer Service Icon

Customer Support

Each gambling app provides resources for customers to contact the service team when problems and issues arise. It might not be a live chat or toll-free phone number in every case, but they offer one or the other most of the time, along with a way to send emails. Plus, most gambling apps have a bare minimum requirement to include an FAQ page for troubleshooting purposes.

Online Gambling Apps to Avoid

As with any business or industry, there are shady players with unethical business practices, looking to take advantage of those who use their services. When it comes to online casinos or sports betting apps, this can look like inconsistent payouts, rigged games, bonuses that are too good to be true, or misleading terms and conditions.

Let’s look at three examples of online casinos that are currently blacklisted and the reasons why they wound up on these lists.

Planet 7 Casino Logo

#1: Planet 7 Casino

  • Planet 7 Casino’s bonuses have unclear terms and conditions, which essentially cap the players’ winnings. Sure, they get paid out, but it’s nowhere near the amount they’re due.
  • Many customers claim it takes forever to get the money they’re owed. The casino will make only partial payments, and even then, these can take three weeks or more to land in customers’ accounts.
  • Planet 7 is licensed out of Costa Rica, but there’s little information on the specifics. This leads to a lot of questionability about the site overall.
Lucky 18 Casino Logo

#2: Lucky 18 Casino

  • Like many other blacklisted online casinos, Lucky 18 is known for its slow payouts or simply not paying their customers at all, period.
  • The customer service center is dismissive of customers’ concerns or issues and gives them the run around in many cases.
  • Lucky 18 will ask its players for different verification forms to get their payout, a common stalling tactic for rogue online casinos.
BetVoyager Logo

#3: BetVoyager

  • BetVoyager has a lot of unresolved customer complaints, which means its customer service is either non-responsive or dismisses customer concerns.
  • This online casino operates without a license; that’s one of the biggest red flags with any gambling app or website.
  • Many customers report having their accounts banned for seemingly no reason.

A safe bet for anyone looking for a solid sportsbook or online casino is to go with any of our recommended platforms. They already come highly recommended by us, and we’ve done all the initial research legwork to save you some time.

 You can learn more about these gambling apps by reading our unbiased, accurate reviews. You can verify any of our claims using the free trial links and check out these gambling apps for yourself. Starting as a non-paying member lets you get a feel for the app and see if it’ll be a good fit overall.

Advice for Choosing the Right Gambling App

Follow these tips and helpful hints to choosing the sports book or casino app that delivers a great experience from every angle, be it games/markets offered, banking options, or ways to fund your online bankroll.

Advices Graph
  1. Look for Welcome Bonuses: While the gambling app doesn’t need to have twenty to thirty promotions, it’s good to choose an app that offers a hearty welcome bonus to get some extra funds to play with as a new member. After joining as a free member, you can find these deals under “Promos,” where all terms and conditions are laid out.
  2. Find Banking Options That Work: New members can check deposit and payout methods under the “Banking” menu and see which options are supported. Find banking that serves your budget and personal needs, including getting your deposits as soon as possible and finding payout options where you can get your real money wins quickly.
  3. Check Out the Game Library or Sports Markets: Ensure the gambling app offers the sports markets or casino games you want. Try another website or app if what you’re looking for is nowhere to be found.
  1. Make Sure Your Device is Supported: For the most part, this isn’t an issue because most people use iOS or Android devices, and most gambling apps are available for download at Google Play or the App Store. Online casinos and sports betting apps will usually have a website that you can visit using your device’s web browser.
  2. See Which States Are Served: Unfortunately, not all US-regulated online casinos and sportsbooks are available nationwide. Check to see if your state is supported. You don’t have to be a resident; be within that state’s borders. This works well for people working in or spending much time in a neighboring state.