How and Where to Bet on Super Bowl 2024

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Are you ready to amp up your Super Bowl 2024 experience with some smart betting? We bet you are! Who you got? Is it Kansas City or San Fran? You can tell us! We don’t have a pigskin in the game (sorry, we love puns).

Anyway, the countdown to Super Bowl 2024 is on, and you can feel the buzz in the air. And if you think this is just about football, you are dead wrong— it’s about the fanfare surrounding the big game, including the betting on almost every aspect of it, and the electrifying atmosphere that totally takes over the nation before and during the biggest sporting event of the year.

We are here to be your playbook, if you will, on how to be a smarter bettor and where to find the best online betting platforms for a spirited (and hopefully make some money while you’re at it) Super Bowl experience!

How to Choose the Best Betting Platform

Selecting a stellar betting platform is one of the most important plays to consider. When choosing which one to download, you should be looking at certain factors. Which ones, you ask? Things that pertain to an app’s legitimacy and legality, security, user interface, competitive odds, and rewarding bonuses. We’ll walk you through a curated list of the top five regulated online betting platforms in the U.S., seeing to it that you can make smart bets! And we can’t forget to stress the importance of betting responsibly.

Legality Graph


When it comes to placing bets, legality should be your first checkpoint. The most important thing is to confirm that the betting platform operates within the legal framework of your region. In the U.S., this means checking if the platform is licensed in the state where you’re placing your bets. Legal platforms certify that they adhere to strict regulations set for online betting, providing a framework for fair and transparent gambling practices.

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Next up is security—a hallmark of any legit betting platform. A secure site will protect your personal and financial information with the latest encryption technology. Look for platforms with a track record of safeguarding user data, and read up on their privacy policies to understand how your info is handled.

User Experience Graph

User Experience

A seamless user experience can enhance your betting enjoyment. The best betting platforms offer a clean, intuitive interface, making it easy to place bets, withdraw winnings, and navigate through all options.

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Competitive odds can be the difference between a modest win and a big payout. Take the time to compare the odds offered on different platforms to make sure you’re getting the best value for your bets.

Promos and Bonuses


Bonuses can add a big boost to your betting game. Most online platforms offer welcome bonuses, free bets, or loyalty rewards to give you more bang for your buck. And keep an eye out for any special Super Bowl promos!

In the U.S., the following top-tier platforms have made a name for themselves in the betting world.

Each platform is regulated and complies with state laws, meaning it’s a safe and reliable betting spot.

Top Tips for Super Bowl 2024 Betting

As Super Bowl 2024 draws closer, the suspense for the big game is matched only by the anticipation of placing well-thought-out wagers. Here are some tips to tackle your game plan and bet smart:

1 – Strategies for Smart Betting

Right out of the gate, good research is your MVP. This means analyzing team dynamics, recent performance, head-to-head statistics, and even the weather conditions on game day. Don’t sleep on the underdogs; sometimes, they can offer the most monetary value, as odds could be in their favor due to public betting trends.

2 – Analyzing the Impact of Player Injuries and Team Form

Player injuries can turn the tide of a game, so it’s super important to keep an eye on injury reports leading up to the Super Bowl. A team’s form, meaning their recent success or struggles, should also play a part in your betting decisions. Look at their road to the Super Bowl—consistent performance indicates reliability, while inconsistent game performance could be an omen for an upset.

3 – Considering Historical Performance

Past Super Bowls can offer solid info into how teams might perform under the pressure of the big game. Yes, every year is different, but taking into account historical performance can help in making predictions, especially when the same coaching staff or players are on the field.

4 – Managing Your Betting Budget

Finally, the smartest strategy is managing your betting budget. Set a limit well before the festivities start, and stick to it. Deciding on a fixed amount sews up that you bet within your means and can enjoy the game regardless of who wins—betting should be just one part of your Super Bowl celebration, not the only part.

Best Super Bowl 2024 Betting Apps

And now (drumroll, please), it’s time for us to reveal the best (and most reputable) five online sportsbooks, each with their own features, from special Super Bowl bonuses to live betting.

Caesars Sportsbook Square Logo

Caesars Sportsbook

  • Special Super Bowl promotions and competitive odds.
  • Extensive prop bet options for the big game.
  • An integrated rewards program that can be used for betting credits.
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FanDuel Square Logo

FanDuel Sportsbook

  • User-friendly app with upgraded live betting features for the Super Bowl.
  • Super Bowl odds boosts and special parlay betting options.
  • Risk-free bets for new users, specifically for the Super Bowl.
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BetMGM Square Logo

BetMGM Sports

  • Comprehensive in-game betting opportunities during the Super Bowl.
  • Tailored bonuses for Super Bowl bettors, including free bets.
  • A feature-rich mobile app that offers game streaming if bets are placed.
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DraftKings Square Logo

DraftKings Sportsbook

  • Special Super Bowl contests with large prize pools.
  • Live betting with instant updates and numerous betting markets.
  • Exclusive Super Bowl promotions are tied to their daily fantasy platform.
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BetRivers Square Logo

BetRivers Sportsbook

  • Loyalty and bonus stores where Super Bowl bets contribute to points.
  • Profit boosts on Super Bowl bets, enhancing potential winnings.
  • Customizable bet slips and a variety of Super Bowl-specific betting markets.
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Maximizing Your Betting Experience

Mixing your betting business with pleasure in the form of Super Bowl parties can up the ante of the event! Mobile apps for live betting can boost your game day fun—there is strength in numbers, and the camaraderie with friends or online communities makes it raise the stakes (in a good way).

Combining Betting with Super Bowl Parties

  • Set up interactive betting games for guests, like squares or prop bets on the halftime show.
  • Do a betting station with a tablet or laptop logged into your betting account for guests to place bets.
  • Encourage your company to download their favorite betting apps and share their bets for a group experience.

Using Mobile Apps for Live Betting

  • Make sure there’s a strong Wi-Fi connection so your live betting doesn’t lag or isn’t interrupted.
  • Know how to get around the app before the game so you can live bet with no hassles.
  • Hop on those in-the-moment bets, like the next touchdown scorer, using quick-access features on the app.

Betting with Friends or Online Communities

  • Join online forums or social media groups focused on Super Bowl betting to exchange tips and picks.
  • Create a friendly betting pool with friends to keep the stakes low and the camaraderie high.
  • Use group chats to share live betting scenarios and outcomes.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling Illustration

While betting on the Super Bowl can be an exhilarating feeling, you have to approach it with a good head on your shoulders. Responsible gambling means setting limits on the time and money you spend, never chasing losses, and betting within your means. Legit betting platforms give you tools to help you stay in control, like deposit limits and self-exclusion options. If you or someone you know is struggling with gambling, l help is available from professional organizations such as the National Council on Problem Gambling.


Circling back to the reason for the season of Super Bowl fever—the actual game. Remember, while betting is an added bonus, it’s not the main feature. So bet wisely, enjoy responsibly, and we hope the Super Bowl 2024 will be one for the history books.

*Please note that betting requires you to be of legal age and to follow regional gambling laws. Always gamble responsibly and within your financial means.

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