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The Best US Football Betting Guide on the Internet Today

If you’re on the hunt for the best football betting sites on the web, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find our list of how to find the top-rated legal football betting sites available to you in your area. These sites offer the best overall experience, the most competitive lines, an abundance of betting options, and a whole lot more. If you’re ready to get started betting on NFL, CFL, or college football, check out our guide below to make sure you’re betting at the absolute best sites.

Maybe you’re still looking for some more information or something more specific? That’s completely okay. In the rest of this guide, we’ve got a breakdown of how to know if you’ve found the best sites, a look at the legality of betting on football in the US, and a link to our dedicated football betting strategy guide.

By the time you finish with this guide, you’ll have all the tools and resources you need to start betting on football today!

Finding the Best Football Betting Sites

We don’t expect you to just take our word on how to know which football betting sites are the best around. What we’d like to do is give you some insight into some of the main reasons that the top sites rose above the rest during our review and recommendation process. We don’t take this lightly, as where you choose to bet can have a huge effect on your success as well as your overall level of enjoyment.

Below, you’ll see a few of the reasons that we chose to recommend the best US football betting sites. This is nowhere near all of the criteria we look at when evaluating a site. If we outlined everything, we’d be here for days. Instead, we just wanted to give you the quick highlight reel of the top three most important reasons we chose to recommend legal football betting sites to you.

Tons of Bets to Choose From

One of the first things that we look at during our evaluations and recommendation process is the volume and variety of bets that are offered. We start here because this is one of the biggest differences across sportsbooks and will have a huge impact on your ability to bet profitably. Without extensive options on the game, league, or event that you want to bet on, a lot of your predictions will be wasted. We want you to be betting with a football betting site that gives you the ultimate in betting flexibility.

What exactly are we looking for? Well, we like to be able to bet on every single game. During the NFL regular season and playoffs, this really isn’t a big issue. But during the preseason, we still want to be able to bet if we so choose to. With college football and the CFL, this becomes way more important. Often, online sportsbooks will offer action on the high-profile college games but neglect the smaller conferences or games that aren’t being widely televised.

If we’re recommending a college football betting site, we want you to be able to bet on any game you want throughout the season regardless of whether it’s a high-profile event or not. Some of the lower-profile games are the best spots to pick up value and find bad lines and opportunities.

Additionally, we like USA football betting sites to offer a multitude of different bets for you to choose from on these games. The bare minimum that we like to see is moneylines, totals on the game score, and spread bets. For a site to excel above the rest, though, we like to see a lot of prop bets, additional totals options, and futures bets on more than just the end-of-season championship. This might be something like conference champs in college football or division champs in the NFL.

You’ll most certainly see these additional bets when it comes to the Super Bowl, but we like to see them on every game during the regular season. If they offer anything extra during the preseason, they’re just trying to win us over.

The Ability to Bet on the Go

No one likes being chained to a sportsbook or their computer at home during an NFL Sunday or college football Saturday. Most people like to either go to a game, watch it from their favorite bar, watch at a friend’s house, or post up on the couch and order pizza. If you want to bet on the games as well, this becomes a problem without a mobile betting option.

Thankfully, a lot of US football betting sites offer a mobile betting platform. However, just because they offer it does not mean that we approve. While it’s becoming fairly standard for most online sportsbooks to offer some sort of mobile betting, it is nowhere near standard for these mobile betting platforms to be quality.

What we like to see first is the existence of a mobile betting option. Once we identify that, we begin looking at the quality of the technology. Is it easy to use? Are bets easy to make? Does it glitch out, or is it reliable? Does it make it easy for you to make sure you don’t make a mistake? Can you access support from your device? Is it compatible with all smartphones and devices?

These are just a sample of the many questions we ask when evaluating the quality of mobile betting options with football betting sites.

Trust, Security, and Reliability

The three most important things we look at when evaluating and recommending football betting sites are trust, security, and reliability. With trust, we want to know that our money is safe. Without trust, the entire experience can be soured, and you’ll spend most of your time worrying whether your money is safe or not. Avoid this headache and only bet with reputable and regulated legal betting sites. There’s no reason you should ever have to worry about trust when you’re betting online.

The second thing that is a must-have for us is security – internal and external. Internal security is insulation and protection from the site and staff. There have been issues in the past with shady sportsbook management teams stealing or skimming money. Because of that, we make sure the site has proper insulation and protection from its employees. We also take the time to research the management team behind the site to make sure they have a reputable past free of any blemishes or red flags.

The last thing we need is reliability. We need to be able to rely on a betting site to provide the services they say they will in the manner that they promise. If they promise cash-outs in a certain time period through a certain method, that needs to happen. If they offer a particular promotion with freebies and bonuses for certain things you do, they need to hold up their end of the bargain. It shouldn’t be that hard to do, but there have been cases of US football betting sites and online sportsbooks in the past who struggled with this. There is no room for that sort of behavior with us. If we can’t rely on the site 100%, they’re out.

The Legality of Betting on Football

Betting on football in the United States has been popular for decades. With the growth of internet sports betting, though, there have been some people resistant to accepting the change. This has created some laws and limitations that have tried to stop the growth of the industry. Luckily, legislators and major companies are coming around and getting onboard.

What this means for you is that you should be good to go in most areas of the US. But just to be sure, you might as well check the laws and limitations for your specific area. To make this easier on you, we have created dedicated betting laws and betting site pages for each state in the US. That way, you can get the clearest picture of what the landscape looks like in your state. Click the link below and then select your state for the breakdown, updates, and recommendations.

Online Gambling Laws

Football Betting Guide | The Next Step

The next step for you is to get out there and start making some money betting on football! You’ve learned where the best places are to bet, why they’re the best, where to bet on special events or particular leagues, and the legal things you need to be aware of. Now, all that is left is for you to get out there and get after it.

That being said, we aren’t just going to turn you loose to the gridiron without a helping hand. While our experts are great at reviewing and recommending football betting sites, they’re even better at offering football betting strategy advice. The link below will take you to our football strategy home where you’ll be immersed in expert betting knowledge. We have stuff for beginners, seasoned bettors, and even the experts. If you need a little more help getting those bets rolling, check these guides out now.

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