Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul: Early Betting Odds and Predictions

Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson - Boxing Ring Background

The boxing bout that’s got everyone abuzz is Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul. This fight isn’t just any fight; it’s a cultural match that is attempting to bridge generations and disciplines, featuring the legendary Tyson stepping back into the ring to face off against Disney kid turned YouTube star turned boxer Jake Paul.

Tyson, 57, and Paul, 27, are set to throw down on July 20 in Arlington, Texas. You can watch it go down on Netflix—Paul, with his usual bravado and bluster, says it’ll be “the biggest fight in history.”

It for sure will be one to watch, and there are lots of predictions floating around from boxers, sports commentators, and regular Joes. We’re going to break down the early predictions, the odds, and where you can place your bets!

The Hype Is Real

Before we get into what others are saying, let’s see what the actual participants of the fight have to say to each other about the highly anticipated match.

Age before beauty, of course: Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has a strong message for Jake Paul ahead of their July fight in Texas.

Tyson posted a video of himself training for the boxing match Friday to X alongside the caption “#PaulTyson.”

“You still wanna f–k with me?” Tyson asked Paul, looking at the camera. Yikes.

As for Paul, he had this to say on his X account when he announced the fight:

Is this all for show in order to drum up publicity, or is it real animosity? Who knows? And we don’t think that boxing fans really care—the drama is part of the fight.

The hype around this fight is real; that’s undeniable. Fans will be unable to resist the spectacle, wanting to see how Tyson’s raw power and experience stack up against the youth and unorthodox style of Paul. Tyson, despite his age, has proved in recent training videos that he still has the ferocity and speed that once made him the most feared boxer on the planet. But Jake Paul has proven himself in the ring more than skeptics expected—he has real boxing skills that have kept him undefeated.

Predictions for the Fight

Predicting the outcome of this fight is iffy. You need to take Tyson’s incredible power and experience into consideration—his training videos show that even at 57, he’s not to be underestimated—age may be nothing but a number in this scenario.

But Paul does have youth on his side and has shown he can both take a punch and deliver devastating knockouts.

Here’s what UFC commentator Joe Rogan had to say about the bout on his podcast:

“Just forget that Jake Paul is a YouTube guy and watch him fight. The kid can fight. 100 percent. That Tommy Fury fight really showed that. It goes to a split decision against a legit undefeated boxer.

“I don’t give a f**k if he’s 55, that’s still Mike Tyson. He trains with Rafael Cordeiro, who’s a legend in MMA. He runs Kings Mixed Martial Arts. Rafael is a world-renowned trainer. When you see him holding the mits for Tyson and Tyson is smashing the mits. That guy can still f*** you up. In this world with hormone replacement and vitamins. He does all this electrical muscle stimulation recovery stuff.

“When they were training Mike for that Roy Jones fight they were using state-of-the-art science. I don’t give a f*** if he’s 55 years old that guy will hurt you. If Jake Paul’s on the other side of the ring and he sees Mike Tyson bobbing and weaving he’s going to have a recognition.

“He’s going to look over and go, ‘Oh my God, that’s really Mike Tyson.’”

And former boxing world champ Amir Khan also weighed in on the upcoming clash between the iconic Mike Tyson and influencer Jake Paul. Khan’s bet? Iron Mike clinches an early knockout win.

“The fight between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul, wow, no one would have ever expected a fight like that fight to be made. Mike Tyson is a legend of the game and not someone who you want to mess about with, even though he’s older now and has been retired for a long time, he’s obviously done a few exhibitions. I just feel that he can really hurt Jake Paul. I just can’t believe what Jake Paul’s thinking. He’s fighting a heavyweight great and I think he can get hurt badly.

“Is it just hype with Mike and Jake posting it at the same? This is unreal and I hope that Mike doesn’t end up hurting him because at the end of the day, I like Jake, but Mike is not a person you want to mess with or do an exhibition with, especially when you’re a lot smaller and lighter.

“I don’t know how this is going to go. Is it really going to happen? It amazes me and I’m shocked. I’ve got Mike Tyson winning by knockout. Even though he’s in his fifties, he’s still a dangerous guy not to be messed with.” Khan said.

Tyson vs Paul Early Betting Odds

Boxing betting apps haven’t posted official odds for the Tyson vs. Paul boxing match just yet. However, Johnny Avello, the head oddsmaker at DraftKings Sportsbook, shared his initial predictions for the bout’s outcome.


  • Jake Paul: -360 (bet $10 to win $12.78 total)
  • Mike Tyson: +300 (bet $10 to win $40 total)

According to these early odds, Tyson is the underdog, with Paul favored to win the fight.

And BetMGM posted these odds:

  • Mike Tyson Odds to win (UK) 11/8; +137.5 (U.S.)
  • Jake Paul Odds to win (UK) 4/7; -175 (U.S.)

Paul is the 4/7 favorite for the match—meaning a $10 bet on him to win would net a $7.14 profit (plus the original $10 bet) if he wins. A $10 bet on Tyson would yield a $17.50 profit (plus the original $10 bet).

Others have listed Tyson as an underdog against Paul for the July 2024 fight. Vegas odds listed Tyson as a +325 underdog and Paul as a -500 favorite. The 30-year age gap between the former heavyweight champ and the YouTuber-turned-boxer plays a major factor in determining the chances of who is likely to win four months from now.

These odds are not written in stone and will very likely change between now and the fight!

Where to Place Your Bets

The showdown is on track to get the green light as a professional fight. This update came from journalist Michael Benson, who credited insider Ariel Helwani for the scoop. The Texas Commission is set to make the ultimate decision on the matter, although we can’t say when.

For those looking to get in on the action, several top online sportsbooks are already setting odds for the fight. While specific names are always in flux, major platforms like the following are the best places you’ll find competitive odds:

Given the variables, here’s our take:

  • If the fight ends early, Tyson’s power will likely be too much for Paul. An early knockout by Tyson wouldn’t shock anyone.
  • If the fight goes the distance, Stamina will come into play. Paul’s younger legs might give him an edge in the later rounds, potentially leading to a decision in his favor.

No matter the outcome, this fight will be more than just a match; it’s a pop culture event. Whether you’re in it for the nostalgia of seeing Tyson lace up the gloves again or curious if Paul can cement his legitimacy as a boxer, this match will deliver on all fronts.

Don’t forget to bet responsibly—odds can shift, so stay up to date by following the latest news on the much-anticipated throwdown.

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