The Most Popular Online Casino Games and Why They’re Loved

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The bright neon lights of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and other gambling meccas have always called out to players who want to try their luck.

While these physical casinos are still popular and draw huge crowds, there is another option for those who either don’t want to travel or don’t have the means to—enter the online casino world. While it’s not a brick-and-mortar establishment where you can order a drink and shoot the breeze with the person next to you at the roulette table, that doesn’t make it any less fun!

Since so many people do play online, the gambling industry has adapted to make as many games available to them as they’d be able to play in Vegas, and that means the most popular online casino games.

These favorites attract a huge range of players—from slots to table games, each has its own appeal. Join us as we explore some of the all-time most popular online casino games and why they’re loved. We’ll also tell you where you can play them!

Online Slots: The Fan Favorite

Slot machines have been a fixture in the casino world for over a century, and their transition to the online platform has only turned up their popularity. The charm of online casinos and slot apps lies in their simplicity and the excitement of unpredictability. With a huge range of themes—from those classic fruit machines to the more elaborate mythological stories—there’s a slot game for everybody.

The love of online slots also had something to do with the possibility of winning big—and we mean big—especially with progressive jackpots where the prize pool keeps growing until one lucky player hits the big win. The low entry barrier, combined with the possibility of huge cash rewards, makes slots a perennial favorite.

Blackjack: The Strategy Card Game

Blackjack, known for its mixture of luck and skill, is a hit among players who want a more strategic game—it’s for the thinkers. The goal is simple: beat the dealer by getting a hand totaling closer to 21 without going over. This game is loved for its low house edge, meaning skilled players have a better chance of winning compared to most other casino games.

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The online version of blackjack offers various formats, including live dealer games that bring the real casino experience to the screen. The game’s popularity is fueled by its mix of simplicity, strategy, and the fun of playing against the dealer.

Roulette: That Classic Wheel

Roulette, with its iconic spinning wheel, is a symbol of casino gaming. Its straightforward gameplay—predicting where the ball will land—makes it accessible to all players. Online roulette brings this classic game to life with different variations like American, European, and French roulette, each offering a slightly different take on the beloved favorite.

The game’s allure is in its sheer simplicity and the amount of betting options. Whether placing a bet on a specific number, red or black, or odd or even, roulette offers the excitement of big potential wins, making it a favorite for a lot of online players!

Poker: The Competitive Cards

Poker, particularly Texas Hold’em, has a stranglehold in the gambling world—especially online. It’s a game where strategy, skill, and psychology play big parts, and you need to know how to bluff. The competitive nature of poker, mixed with the social aspect of playing against others, makes it a rousing and dramatic game for the players who partake.

Online poker platforms host a range of tournaments and cash games, catering to all skill levels. The game’s appeal lies in the challenge it presents—reading opponents (that’s where the bluffing comes into play), making strategic decisions, and the triumph of outplaying others at the table.

Craps: Roll the Dice

Craps, a game centered simply around the rolling of the dice, is known for its raucous atmosphere in physical casinos—you’ve most likely seen rowdy crowds surrounding the roller if you’ve been to a casino! While you’d think this excitement wouldn’t translate well into the online format, you’d be wrong—it’s one of the most popular games. Craps is just players betting on the outcome of the dice rolls; nothing fancy, that’s it. But the game offers a lot of betting options, each with different odds, adding to its appeal.

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The game’s attraction lies in its fast-paced nature and the communal feel, as players often win or lose together based on the outcome of the dice, making it a fun and engaging experience.

Baccarat: High Roller, High Stakes

In the past, Baccarat was mostly associated with high-stakes players from the elite jet-setter crowd but has found a bigger audience online. It’s a simple game of chance where players bet on which of two hands—the player or the banker—will be closer to nine. The game is super popular among players who are looking for a fast-paced, straightforward gaming affair.

Its popularity in online casinos is boosted by its association with glamour, often depicted in popular culture, and the relatively favorable odds it offers compared to other casino games.

Video Poker: The Bridge Between Slots and Poker

Video poker combines elements of slots and poker, offering a novel kind of gameplay. Its popularity lies in its low house edge and the element of skill involved—players make decisions about which cards to keep and which to replace, adding a strategic layer to the game.

Its popularity is due to the blend of the solitary nature of slot machines with the strategic thinking of poker, appealing to players who enjoy both of these aspects.

Where to Play

The most popular online casino games in 2024 include a variety of slots, table games, and video poker. Here’s a list of some top games and where you can play them!

Slots Graph


  • The Godfather: Play at BetMGM Casino (RTP: 94.50%)
  • Jumanji: Play at PokerStars Casino (RTP: 96.33%)
  • Cleopatra: Play at BetMGM Casino (RTP: 95.03%)
  • Action Jack: Play at DraftKings Casino (RTP: 92.34%)
  • Reactoonz: Play at BetMGM Casino (RTP: 96.51%)
Roulette Graph


  • Lightning Roulette: Play at DraftKings Casino (Evolution Gaming)
  • BetMGM Roulette: Play at BetMGM Casino (Evolution Gaming)
  • DraftKings Auto American Live Roulette: Play at DraftKings Casino (Evolution Gaming)
  • Mega Fire Blaze Roulette Live: Play at PokerStars Casino (Playtech)
  • VIP European Roulette Live: Play at DraftKings Casino (Playtech)
Blackjack Graph


  • Infinite Blackjack: Play at DraftKings Casino (Evolution Gaming)
  • Lightning Blackjack: Play at BetMGM Casino (Evolution Gaming)
  • Unlimited Blackjack: Play at DraftKings Casino (Playtech)
  • Cashback Blackjack: Play at PokerStars Casino (Playtech)
  • Free Bet Blackjack: Play at DraftKings Casino (Evolution Gaming)
Video Poker Graph

Video Poker

  • Jacks or Better: Play at PokerStars Casino (RTP: 99.50%)
  • Deuces Wild: Play at BetMGM Casino (RTP: 99.46%)
  • Aces & Faces: Play at PokerStars Casino (RTP: 99.20%)
  • Tens or Better: Play at DraftKings Casino (RTP: 99.40%)
  • Double Double Bonus Poker: Play at PokerStars Casino (RTP: 98.98%)

According to statistics, these are the most popular games of the moment! And the Return to Player (RTP) percentages show the average amount of money that players can hopefully win back the more they play.


These online casino games have been always popular in casinos—they are the go-to’s for most gamblers, so it makes sense why they remain at the top of the heap online! There’s a big variety to choose from, they’re easy to access, and they mix skill, strategy, and luck for players.

From slots that provide an instant adrenaline rush to more complex games like poker and blackjack that make you think about your next move, the best casino apps have something for everyone. Each game has its own charm—take roulette, for example. It’s simple but still exciting. Then you have poker, where you compete head-to-head, and the excitement comes from outsmarting your opponents.

As technology improves, these games will just keep getting more and more immersive—it will make you feel like you’re right there in a real-life casino, even when you’re playing on your phone or computer at home. You can play anytime, anywhere. And with new games and betting options constantly being added, online casinos will continue to be a wildly popular hobby for people all over the world.

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