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March Madness is finally here! We wait all year for the NCAA basketball tournament to come around, and not just for the action on the court. We also welcome the action taking place off the court with all the different betting opportunities.

Unlike regular season or even other postseason tournaments, March Madness is renowned for its upsets, underdog wins, and suspenseful last-second baskets. If you are like us and the millions of fans who are looking to place bets, understanding the nuances of the tournament can give you a leg up. Want to know what the experts (us, duh) say about the best strategies for betting during March Madness 2024? Come with us, and we’ll guide you through it!

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Know the Tournament Structure

If you aren’t familiar with the tournament’s structure, you need to be. The NCAA tournament features 68 teams, starting with the First Four, then proceeding to the Round of 64, and narrowing down through the Round of 32, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, and Final Four, until the National Championship game. Each round presents different variables and potential betting opportunities.

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The Betting Basics

Before you even begin to think about strategies, you need to understand the basic types of bets: point spread, Over/Under (totals), and moneyline. Point spread involves betting on the margin of victory, Over/Under focuses on the total points scored, and moneyline is about picking the outright winner. Each has its nuances, especially in the erratic nature of March Madness!

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Research, Research, and More Research

The tournament’s mercurial nature makes research super important! Make sure you know team dynamics, recent performances, injuries, and historical trends. Sites like and Betting News can give you in-depth analysis and updates leading up to and during the tournament, making them great resources.

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The Value in Underdogs

March Madness is famous for its upsets, meaning the underdogs will provide excellent value in terms of betting, especially in the early rounds. Look for teams that have been performing well against strong opponents, even if their overall record doesn’t show it. Pay close attention to matchups where the playing style of a lower-seeded team could spell trouble for their higher-seeded opponent.

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Betting on the Numbers

One thing numbers never do is lie! Studying historical performance, especially recent trends, can give you a better picture of potential outcomes. Look for teams that excel in free-throw shooting, as games often come down to these critical points. And don’t forget to take into account turnover ratios and bench scoring—teams that protect the ball are more likely to make it through the grueling NCAA tournament schedule.

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The Value of Defense

Defense wins championships, and this is especially true in the pressure-cooker environment of the NCAA tournament. Teams that can consistently stop their opponents, even when their own shots aren’t falling, have a much better chance of advancing. Defensive efficiency is a key statistic to consider when researching your bracket picks.

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Don’t Sleep on Experience

College teams with experienced players and coaches undoubtedly have an advantage in high-pressure situations, so look for teams with a history of tournament success or players who have been through the March Madness grind before. These squads are less likely to buckle under the pressure and the intensity of the tournament.

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Shopping for the Best Lines

With so many games happening in such a short time period, odds can vary wildly between sportsbooks. Shopping around for the best lines will make a big difference in your returns—even small differences in odds can add up over the course of the tournament.

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Live Betting

March Madness is chaotic and fickle, hence the title! The games can change dramatically in just a few seconds, and live betting apps let bettors take advantage of these changes. By watching the games and placing bets based on the present momentum of the action, you’re able to capitalize on any shifts that the pre-game odds did not see coming.

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Betting on Futures and Props

Futures betting involves picking the tournament winner or teams to reach the Final Four long before the tournament ends. Sure, it’s a long shot, but it will pay off if your team comes through. With prop bets, you can wager on specific events within games, like a player’s total points or rebounds. Both of these types of bets have value if you’ve done your homework.

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Bankroll Management

One of the most important strategies for betting on March Madness—or any sports event—is managing your bankroll. Decide beforehand on your betting budget and stick to it no matter what. It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement and make impulsive bets or chase losses—setting limits will help keep your spending in check, and you won’t blow your budget before the Final Four.

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Betting Tools and Resources

Take advantage of betting tools and resources that are available online! Bracket challenges are not only fun, but they can sharpen your analysis skills. And a lot of sportsbooks and basketball betting apps offer bonuses and promotions during March Madness so you can maximize your betting value.

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Keep Your Emotions in Check

Yes, betting on your favorite team or alma mater is a show of loyalty, but it’s not always a smart move— try to keep your emotions separate from your betting decisions. Base your bets on data and analysis rather than nostalgia! The most successful bettors are those who can objectively analyze matchups and trends, not make choices with their hearts over their heads.

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Stay Updated

Finally, staying informed throughout the tournament is super important! Things like injuries, any team news, and even a team’s personal lives/matters can affect game outcomes and betting lines. Keep tabs on reputable sports news sites and betting analysis platforms to stay one step ahead.

Final Takeaways

March Madness is never predictable, and that’s why it’s so charming and has captured the attention of fans, and what also makes it a highlight for sports bettors! When you stick to our expert strategies, you’re not just throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks; you’re making smart, informed decisions that could greatly increase your betting success.

Knowing and understanding the tournament structure, researching teams and matchups thoroughly, and smart line shopping and live betting all play a part in your chances of winning big. Although no strategy guarantees you’ll win, informed betting is always better than going in totally blind. So enjoy the madness of the tournament, and bet responsibly!

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