Review of the Fliff Sports Betting App: Is It Legit?

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What in the fluff is Fliff?? We have been around the sports betting scene for a minute, and we haven’t heard much about the Fliff app. Maybe that’s because it’s a newish (2020) platform, or maybe it’s due to it being in a murky purgatory between a sports betting app and a social platform.

But Fliff has our attention now, and since we are wondering what the deal is, we bet you are too, so let’s find out all about it in our Fliff review—like what exactly is it, and, more importantly, is it legit? Let’s fluffing go!

What’s Fliff Anyway?

According to its home page, Fliff says,

“Sports fandom is social, but sports gaming is transactional. Fliff turns sports predictions into a social, free-to-play game.

“Sweat the game, not the losses. We’ve unpacked sports betting into play-for-fun social gaming. Fliff is sports predictions built on social competition with promotional games and loyalty rewards to elevate the experience. A slam dunk for all types of sports fans!”

Sounds pretty cool, but that’s a little vague—let’s unpack what that marketing-speak really spells out in terms of sports betting.

So, Fliff is a social sports betting app. But it’s not your typical betting platform like FanDuel or DraftKings. It takes a different approach by mixing the excitement of sports betting with a social component. The idea is to make betting on your favorite sports a fun, collective experience without the worry of losing your shirt. Fun, yes. But is it actually a legitimate betting platform?

Is Fliff Legit?

The short answer is yes, but we can’t just leave it at that. Fliff exists and operates in a sort of gray area of the betting world, which might raise a few eyebrows and suspicions. Fliff has built its platform on the foundation of being a social, rather than gambling-only, app. This difference is super important to understand in terms of its legality and legitimacy.

Here’s how they do it: Sweepstakes are permitted in numerous states because they offer at least one method of participation that is free. For instance, with Fliff, you can acquire Fliff Cash (which has no monetary value) for free when you buy Fliff Coins. Moreover, you have the option to send a mail request to their main office in Philadelphia for $5 in Fliff Cash at no charge.

Sweepstakes are permitted in numerous states because they offer at least one method of participation that is free. For instance, with Fliff, you can acquire Fliff Cash (which has no monetary value) for free when you buy Fliff Coins. Moreover, you have the option to send a mail request to their main office in Philadelphia for $5 in Fliff Cash at no charge.

This element of free entry means that sweepstakes-based games and betting are not classified as gambling. As a result, these social or sweepstakes gaming platforms are not required to secure a license from each state like traditional betting apps are.

Where Can You Use Fliff?

Fliff operates legally across most of the U.S. (except in Washington, for some reason), including areas where online gambling is still off the table. This loophole comes from Fliff’s adherence to sweepstakes laws instead of conventional online gambling regulations, positioning it as a kind of fantasy sports sweepstakes platform.

How Does Fliff Make Money?

If Fliff lets users bet without the risk of losing real money, how do they keep the lights on in the joint? Well, the platform operates on a model that offers free-to-play options, along with chances to buy in-app currency. This currency can be used to participate in certain types of bets or to unlock special features. Essentially, the company’s revenue comes from these purchases, not from any user losses.

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Understanding How Fliff Works

Fliff works by giving users two types of currency: coins and cash.

  • Coins are used for free-to-play bets, and while you can’t exchange them for real money, they’re great for those looking to enjoy the fun of betting without any financial risk.
  • Cash, on the other hand, can be used for bets that could possibly return real money—but don’t get your hopes up about retiring on any winnings, which we’ll explain later. It’s definitely an uncommon approach; we’ll just leave it at that.

Cashing Out: Show Me the Money!

So, can you actually cash out real money from Fliff? Yes, you can, but there are a few important caveats. The cash you can withdraw comes from winnings earned through bets placed with Fliff cash, not in-app coins.

But it’s possible to win real cash prizes through the Fliff social sportsbook. The foundation of a sweepstakes gaming site is the offer of free opportunities to win actual money. In this case, you can get more Fliff Cash for free either by purchasing Fliff Coin bundles or through mail-in requests. To redeem cash prizes, you must accumulate at least $50 in Fliff Cash.

Can You Make Real Money on Fliff?

You can, but it’s not going to change your life—Fliff is more about the fun and social aspects of betting rather than turning a profit. The opportunity to win real money is there, but it’s balanced with the platform’s social gaming aspect.

Fliff Coins are intended only for play and lack any real monetary value, but wagers made with Fliff Cash have the potential to be converted into actual cash or gift cards.

When your balance of Fliff Cash reaches $50, it becomes possible to exchange it for real money or gift cards. Should you choose the cash option, you can withdraw your earnings through either a bank transfer or Skrill.

Hunting for a Fliff Promo Code

Who doesn’t love a good promo code? Fliff gets this and offers promo codes to new users or as part of special promotions. These codes can give you extra Fliff cash to bet with or other perks. As of this review, you can get a 100% match up to $100 using the promo code PROPS (you must be 21 years old to claim this offer).

Fliff and Sports Betting: Yay or Nay?

Sports betting is a huge draw for so many people, and Fliff taps into this by offering a solid range of sports to bet on. From football to basketball, if you have a team or sport you follow, this app most likely has you covered. The social aspect boosts the experience, allowing you to celebrate the wins and commiserate over your losses with friends or social acquaintances you’ve connected with through the app.

Final Take

Fliff is definitely a different kind of platform and has carved out its niche in the betting app market by focusing on the social, fun aspects of sports betting. It’s legit, legal in most states, and offers a novel blend of risk-free and real money (but not a lot of money) betting options.

Whether you’re in it for the camaraderie or the chance to win a little extra cash, Fliff offers a fun platform that’s definitely worth checking out! Just remember, like any form of betting, it’s important always to gamble responsibly and within your means.

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