What Your Favorite Casino Game Says About Your Personality

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Some of us are naturally drawn to the excitement of the poker table, while others find immense pleasure in playing slot machines for hours on end. How you choose to spend your time in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino, or if you prefer to play on online gambling sites, can say a lot about your personality! As gambling is now the most accessible it’s ever been, understanding your strengths and weaknesses as it pertains to the human psyche is more important to keep your play safe and responsible. It’s also a fun way to find out why your fav casino game is your favorite!

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The questions below are basic ones that can scratch the surface of our personalities:

  • Are you an introvert, an introverted extrovert, or just a full-on extrovert?
  • Are you a dog lover or like the company of cats?
  • Do you like vanilla or chocolate?

Knowing who you are on a basic level is pretty easy, but what about the deeper aspects of how our subconscious desires and needs might lead us astray in our emotional and cognitive responses to our surroundings? These are known as cognitive biases—the mental missteps that could take away from potential success when you are gambling.

How do you figure out what they are, and how do established personality assessments play into the games you gravitate toward? We’re going to tell you so you understand not just why you love the games you always play but also how you approach them, your tolerance for risk, and how you can tell when it’s time to walk away from a gameplay session.

FYI: Our thoughts on this subject should in no way be seen as the definitive measure of your personality—it’s all in good fun! But you can use it as one of several tools that might boost your gaming prowess and help you gamble more cautiously and hopefully win more money!

What’s a Personality Test?

A personality test consists of a set of questions that are designed to reveal consistent patterns in behavior, thereby aiding in a deeper self-understanding of one’s actions and motivations.

For the context of casino games, we picked the two most reputable tests: The Big Five and the Enneagram of Personality (usually just called the Enneagram).

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The Big Five

Developed in the 1980s, The Big Five was initially used to explore the relationship between personality and academic achievement. It has since been extensively validated by numerous research groups.

In essence, considerable effort from diverse researchers has gone into ensuring the scientific accuracy of this test. But what makes a test scientifically accurate? It must consistently measure what it intends to do and provide stable results over time for the same individual.

The Big Five satisfies both criteria, making it a prominent method for understanding personality differences and behaviors.

Here is what the Big Five assesses:

  • Openness: The tendency to appreciate new experiences, ideas, and creative expressions.
  • Conscientiousness: A trait of diligent, well-organized individuals who exhibit strong self-discipline.
  • Extraversion: Describes sociable and outgoing individuals who thrive in social interactions.
  • Agreeableness: Characterizes those who are optimistic, generous, cooperative, and trusting.
  • Neuroticism: Indicates a person’s emotional stability and propensity for anxiety and depression. Note that a certain level of anxiety can be beneficial, as it may heighten awareness of one’s environment.

Your results on each trait will place you within a low, average, or high range. These traits are independent of each other and collectively provide a comprehensive view of your personality.

To read more on The Big Five and explore what your scores reveal about you, you can take the test for free on Truity.

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The Enneagram of Personality

The second personality, in relation to understanding gambling behaviors, is known as the Enneagram. This test categorizes individuals into nine unique types, each defined by specific ways of handling needs, wants, and fears. The Enneagram also provides insights into how these psychological drivers influence one’s interactions with others.

While The Big Five is underpinned by extensive empirical research, the Enneagram lacks a similar foundation in scientific validation. However, it has found widespread application across various fields, including business management, spiritual counseling, and addiction recovery programs. The Enneagram is particularly valued for its focus on personal growth, offering each type specific insights that can enhance self-awareness and foster personal improvement.

To explore the Enneagram and discover more about your personality type, you can take the test here!

What’s Your Poison?

Your choice of casino game can reveal a whole lot more about your personality than you think! Different types gravitate towards different kinds of games, and identifying what your all-time favorite is can give you interesting insights into your personal tendencies.

How can you do this? First, think about your go-to casino game. If you play a few and can’t decide, think about the following questions: Which game tends to draw you in first? Which do you have the most fun playing? And if you HAD to choose (like, if you were in a game of Russian Roulette, gun-to-head sitch) and could only pick one game to play forever, what one would it be?

Once you’ve identified your favorite game, then we can figure out what this says about your personality type.

Then you have to think about these scenarios:

  • Do you love the atmosphere, the buzz, and the social interaction of land-based casinos, the unmistakable scent of the racetrack, and the rush to place your bet in time?
  • Or do you prefer the quiet of your home, indulging in the online gambling world all by your lonesome?
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The Big Five – Extraversion: High

If you’re drawn to the tangible energy of land-based casinos, it’s likely you’re highly extroverted. You might be the type who’s not just lively and sociable but also well-known around the casino, often announcing, “Drinks on me!” after a win.

Your hangouts probably are the craps and roulette tables, where you know all the dealers and thrive on the game’s communal spirit. Games like craps, roulette, and baccarat appeal to extroverts who enjoy being at the center of the action.

But despite the appeal of the spotlight, remember that your biggest challenge is yourself, so steer clear of getting so caught up in pleasing the crowd that you lose focus on the game. The excitement of the crowd is intoxicating but keep in mind that the same ones that cheer on your wins are just as fixated during your losses.

Your tendency to focus on the crowd can detract from your game strategy, potentially leading to pretty big financial losses (Grable, Joo & Kwak, 2021). Keep these things in mind and play smart and responsibly—be aware of how your extroverted nature influences your gambling habits.

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The Big Five – Extraversion: Low

If the thought of being noticed in a land-based casino seems as likely as being held there against your will, then you’re likely on the lower end of the extraversion scale—a classic introvert. You prefer the privacy of online gambling to the hustle and bustle of a casino floor. If you do venture into a casino, you’ll probably gravitate towards the slot machines for some solitary play with zero need for social interaction.

It’s a mistake for anyone to equate your preference for less crowded spaces with a lack of gambling acumen. Your heightened anxiety not only makes you more attuned to your environment but often enhances your gameplay by enabling you to anticipate and react to potential outcomes more swiftly—particularly those that might not be in your favor. This careful, vigilant approach often keeps your finances in check and much more stable than most (Crossman, 2006).

While your consistent approach is excellent for maintaining financial stability, perhaps it’s time to slightly shift your comfort zone—a small step towards the casino floor if you aren’t already taking it. Enhancing your gameplay isn’t necessarily about winning big but could be a valuable chance to broaden your social interactions slightly.

The above is a general explanation of where you gamble; now, let’s get to the fun part and find out what your favorite gambling games say about your personality!

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The Enneagram Type Six – The Skeptic | The Big Five – Openness: Low

Studies have indicated that persons with low openness tend to hold more conservative political views and are generally less inclined to engage in active gambling—they often gravitate toward playing slots or video versions of popular table games in casinos.

Type Sixes, known as The Skeptics, crave safety and stability. They are loyal, reliable, and thrive within a close-knit circle of friends for support. Fun fact: As logical survivalists, they’re likely to have a stash of emergency supplies like food, cleaning products, and medical kits—they can be doomsday preppers, and they are always good to have in your corner if sh*t goes down!

As a Six, your decisions may be driven by fear, making your gambling outcomes unpredictable. While you like the casino atmosphere and the company of friends, you’re more likely to stick to low-risk activities like slots rather than playing other games.

Slot game lovers are always ready for any contingency, whether it’s a sudden change in plans, a flat tire, or an unexpected weather event. They’re also the type who’s conscientious about spending and perhaps the only one in your circle with not just one, but two Swiss Army knives just in case.

Despite these strengths, they might sometimes question whether people appreciate them only for their utility and dependability. In this light, you might want to consider shaking things up a bit and take a chance at the craps table or give the roulette wheel a spin. What’s there to lose if not the shackles of your uncertainties?

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The Big Five – Agreeableness: Low, Neuroticism: Low | The Enneagram Type Eight – The Challenger

Are you drawn to poker the moment you step through the doors of a casino or the second you log in to a gambling site? No shade, but it’s super common for poker players to have very low levels of agreeableness, a trait that matches up well with the nature of poker, where players compete against each other instead of the house, meaning there is a less empathetic and more confrontational style of play. Players with low agreeableness tend to be skeptical of others’ intentions and can be perceived as argumentative, traits that extend beyond the poker table. Caution is advised, as studies indicate such individuals tend to engage in higher stakes and more frequent gambling.

Fortunately, your low neuroticism suggests a higher emotional stability, reducing the likelihood of reckless gambling. You likely approach gambling conservatively, seeking control over your environment and managing your funds strategically. This cautious approach ensures your bankroll is safer than most. A key strength lies in your ability to disengage from the game without feeling defeated, knowing precisely when to fold (Odlaug, Schreiber & Grant).

If Texas Hold’em is your game, you probably skew toward The Enneagram’s Type Eight: The Challenger. Eights are driven by a desire for control, often stemming from an underlying sense of vulnerability. They are known for their assertive and sometimes intimidating demeanor, especially in defense of others. This protective instinct can make Eights come off as domineering or bossy as they are quick to lead, driven by a strong sense of justice for themselves and others. A well-adjusted Eight can be an exemplary leader, whereas an insecure Eight could come across as overbearing.

Ever noticed someone at the poker table consistently raising the stakes, leaving you scratching your head, wondering if they’re bluffing or genuinely holding a winning hand? That’s typical of an Eight. And if controlling the game is what you love most, it’s likely you’re an Eight yourself.

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The Big Five – Conscientiousness: High | The Enneagram Type Three – The Achiever

Blackjack often appeals to those who rank highly in Conscientiousness, according to The Big Five. If you favor blackjack, chances are you’re notably diligent, possess strong self-discipline, and strive not just to meet but to exceed expectations.

Consider the level of concentration required for card counters in blackjack; they must stay acutely focused and resist distractions from casual chatter around the table. Success in blackjack demands a sharp awareness of one’s environment, and a strong sense of conscientiousness may also guard against the pitfalls of online gambling (Akbari and Seydavi, 2021).

For conscientious individuals, each win fuels the desire to continue playing for even greater victories, almost as a way to validate their efforts. However, it becomes challenging for such individuals to step away when the tide of luck turns. Additionally, blackjack can sometimes prompt decisions based more on flawed reasoning than on clear logic.

Viewing blackjack players through the Enneagram reveals them often as Type Three: The Achiever. Are you someone driven by ambition yet harboring deep-seated doubts about your worthiness of love?

Enneagram Threes, or The Achievers, often feel that if they cannot be loved, they must at least be valued. Their greatest fear is failure, driving them to seek admiration for their successes, which in turn significantly influences their public persona.

Blackjack not only offers the chance for achievement but also provides a platform for recognition and approval from dealers and peers alike. Poker is also a suitable choice, as the recognition received there can be equally gratifying. You are likely dressed to impress, keep yourself entertained, and go for striking a balance between blending in at the table and standing out with your witty remarks and subtle charm.

Just remember, while maintaining an impressive appearance is important, dedicating equal if not more effort to refining your gambling skills will ensure your prowess outlasts mere physical appeal.

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The Enneagram Type Four – The Individualist

If roulette is your jam, it’s likely because you value freedom of self-expression—you’re a bold, artistic thinker, and you possess a ton of creativity. This creativity not only influences your game choices but could also boost your skills as a player. However, could you be even more effective if you didn’t spend so much energy comparing yourself to others?

Type Fours are attracted to games like roulette not so much for the social aspect but more so due to a deep-seated fear of invisibility. Fours often worry that they won’t leave a lasting impression or that their existence will be overlooked.

To combat this fear, you might find yourself going to great lengths to stand out. Online gambling could exacerbate these feelings of solitude, whereas being physically present in a casino, surrounded by people who matter, can make you feel more important. For you, gambling usually serves more as a means to bolster your ego and be seen rather than purely for the love of the game.

Do you find it important to be recognized by someone of status, like the dealer, the casino owner, or another player? Unfortunately, this trait can take away from your gameplay, which is regrettable given your ability to read the room—a skill that would also make you an excellent poker player.

Among all the Enneagram types, Fours are notoriously known for neglecting their mental and physical health, making them susceptible to substance abuse or problematic gambling behaviors.

Stay vigilant about your behaviors so they don’t evolve into full-blown addictions; keep your eyes on the prize, whether it’s financial gain or the respect and admiration of your peers, and remember to prioritize your mental health and well-being!

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The Enneagram Type Seven – The Enthusiast

If the noisy, almost-chaotic atmosphere of the craps table calls your name, it’s likely you embody the traits of Type Seven. Known as The Enthusiasts, Sevens are the center of attention at any party and meticulously plan their days to maximize enjoyment and stave off any feelings of boredom or melancholy.

Sevens are inherently optimistic and are known for sharing captivating, humorous stories from their experiences—tales that sometimes border on the unbelievable but command attention! They thrive on being the center of attention and gravitate towards games that have social interaction, such as craps, roulette, and horse racing.

You may find that online casinos lack the noise and social factor you crave, as Sevens primarily seek the emotional connection that comes with physical presence and interaction.

However, your pursuit of constant fun and excitement is often a way to keep darker feelings of fear, sadness, and pain at bay. This relentless quest for enjoyment is why the allure of a 24-hour casino is so strong for you.

Just be cautious—remember that all that glitters isn’t gold, and the loudest attractions aren’t always worth the risk to your financial security.

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The Big Five – Conscientiousness: High, Openness: High, Extraversion: High

Baccarat players usually exhibit super high levels of the Big Five traits of Openness, Conscientiousness, and Extraversion. If baccarat is your fav game, you’re likely more receptive to new ideas compared to your peers or those around you.

This game appeals particularly to those who take pleasure in exploring novel and new experiences. Being open to different ideas not only expands your knowledge but also gives you a feeling of being more insightful and informed than others.

It’s no surprise that those who play Baccarat are attracted to artistic and beautiful things and tend to think in innovative and abstract ways. Their strong conscientiousness levels up their gameplay because they are meticulous and strategic. And their pronounced extraversion means they are generally more outspoken and assertive—the loudest ones in the room.

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Sports Betting

The Enneagram Type One – The Perfectionist

There’s a reason why rules are in place, and Type Ones feel they exist to make sure these rules are upheld by everyone around them. Are you someone who wants to do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do? Do you find fulfillment in donating your time and resources to better the lives of others? Do you find it challenging to maintain a balanced work-life equation?

Sports betting is particularly appealing to Ones because it sticks to the rules—or, in this case, the statistics and injury reports of teams and players.

The continuous effort to excel in everything, or at least appear effortlessly competent, has to be incredibly draining. But, just between us and those closest to you, it’s more than okay to share your fears and imperfections.

Sports bettors find comfort in the reliability of numbers and statistics, and fortunately, sports wagering was practically made for just you. It allows you to hold on to those objective facts you hold so dear.

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Fantasy Sports League Betting

The Big Five – Neuroticism: High

Are you into fantasy sports betting? Welp, those who excel in the dream world of sports tend to score really high on the Neuroticism scale of The Big Five personality traits. In this context, Neuroticism refers to emotional sensitivity, primarily the propensity to experience negative emotions such as anxiety and depression. Do little issues easily upset you, and do you find yourself down in the dumps for longer periods of time? If so, be careful, as this can impact your work and personal relationships.

But there is a bright side to having high Neuroticism—those who score high on this trait are also more anxious, which heightens awareness of your environment. Being attuned to potential dangers can no doubt give you a strategic advantage.

Your habit of overthinking might also be one of your strongest assets, as the ability to envision various worst-case scenarios can make you exceptionally detail-oriented. A higher degree of Neuroticism is also linked to better self-awareness and emotional understanding.

Fantasy sports betting might particularly appeal to someone with high Neuroticism, as they are likely to meticulously analyze the latest injury reports, backup players, and potential trades that could influence game outcomes.

That said, it’s important to manage your meticulous mind effectively, as those high in Neuroticism can also be more susceptible to frequent and even problematic gambling.

A Fun Way to Mix  it Up

Exploring these personality assessments in regard to your fav casino games is fun and provides some truly interesting insights we can use to your advantage. Keep in mind that they’re not the final word on who we are. Each of us is different and unique, and these tests are just one way to look at how our personalities fit into the bigger picture.

You don’t have to stick to the games that supposedly match your personality traits—there aren’t any rules! You can mix it up and try out different games to see which ones are the most fun for you—personality tests aren’t the end all, be all. So whether it’s showing your poker face at the poker table or enjoying the energy at the craps table, playing different games can test your skills and could even reveal new aspects of yourself you were unaware of. Go ahead and try your hand at a new game—you might surprise yourself and find a new favorite casino game!

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