Virtual Reality Casinos | The Next Big Thing in Online Gambling?

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Virtual reality casinos and poker sites are popping up more and more these days.  As we enter the Metaverse age, gambling companies are leading the way with crazy new innovations that could totally change how we play our favorite games. From VR slots and roulette to poker and blackjack, if you love virtual gaming, things are just kicking off!

This immersive technological marvel could actually reshape the entire landscape of online gambling, offering an experience that’s as close as one can get to a physical casino without gamblers ever having to step outside of their front doors.

As we look at everything that’s potentially coming down the pike with virtual reality casinos, we need to acknowledge the impact, the benefits, any possible challenges or negatives, and the future to see if it really is the next big thing in online gambling!

Virtual Reality

The Growth of VR Across Sectors

For a lot of people, virtual reality represents the next generation of gaming and entertainment, and in fact, many believe that in the next few decades, most of what we do every day will happen in the metaverse. Whether that pans out or is a more distant dream remains to be seen, but one thing we already know for sure is that VR can be game-changing for online gaming!

According to The Insight Partners, the VR industry will make over $58 billion by 2024–as the tech gets better and better and more companies try to incorporate virtual reality into their products, some experts think this number could top $441 billion by 2030. Also, with 171 million people currently using VR already, virtual worlds are definitely not imaginary anymore, according to eMarketer research.

Gamers, not the gambling kind, really set the entire virtual reality thing in motion. Not ones to be left in the dust, online casinos hopped onto the VR trend, too! Microgaming was the first big software company to jump into VR, making a roulette game for players. At a gaming conference in 2016, their VR Roulette used the Oculus Rift and hand motion controllers to send players into a VR space, and that sparked more innovations that made VR casino and poker games a reality for players.

And then NetEnt made a VR version of their popular Gonzo’s Quest slot game—around the same time NetEnt showed that regular 2D casino games could become fully immersive 3D worlds, other gaming firms were testing what VR could do as well. Since the social VR gaming and dating scene is booming now, companies, big and small, from startups to major gaming companies, are starting to create and beta test their own versions of VR games.

As you can see, this VR gaming bus is picking up speed—and developers are showing no signs of easing up on the gas or pumping the brakes. According to one Technavio report, the worldwide VR betting market could balloon to $1.7 billion by 2025 (wow), but what does that growth actually mean?

For one, it means that instead of just VR slots and roulette, players could see and experience full virtual reality casinos where you can check out and play all kinds of games—the options are pretty much endless.

What’s Happening Now with VR Casinos

Before thinking about what’s next for VR social gambling dens and poker spots, let’s check where things stand as of this moment. While people are still in the middle of the whole gambling shakeup, r.e. transitioning from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to online gambling apps, there are some pretty cool choices already available if you want a little taste of the future of gaming!

pokerstars vr

Pokerstars VR

PokerStars VR, which is also known as Vegas Infinite, is like a free amusement park for poker and other online casino games. Here, you can play versions of roulette, blackjack, and poker (you can even throw stuff at the other players!) and explore super fun environments. There’s even a virtual DJ to get the party going.

social club vr

Social Club VR

Some VR spots can feel or look awkward, but this is one of the more realistic. Nicknamed” Casino Night,” players walk into a fancy casino venue that has virtual reality blackjack, roulette, and poker tables. Even though it seems kinda serious, they add some silly elements too, like buying drinks or getting into sword fights (yes, sword fights) with the other gamblers!

bullet roulette

Bullet Roulette

Bullet Roulette isn’t your typical roulette setup, no sir. There is no table–just guns. It’s like a super intense Russian roulette game but set in virtual reality. And since it feels so real, it can be straight-up terrifying, and you can win big jackpots, too!

vr jackpot


JackpotVR is supposed to be one of the most realistic VR casino things out there right now, and although the graphics aren’t amazing, it does feel pretty real. You can saunter around this place like a real casino—slots are on the walls everywhere you look, and there are some tabletop games to play.  You’ll hear people cheering their wins, chips moving around, and jackpot bells and whistles sounding off as you wander around.

blackjack billy vr

Blackjack Billy VR

This game lets you play first-person—players just put on a VR headset and start the game, and you can play Blackjack for free with Billy, the VR dealer running things in this social casino setup.

The Future of VR Casinos

Real and social virtual reality casinos (and lottery ones, too) will probably get even bigger and more sophisticated in the next five years. The hardware that lets you get into games is getting better with every passing moment, and people are starting to realize parts of our lives are destined to be virtual, like it or not. In fact, with augmented reality (AR) able to project realistic images onto the things around us, it feels like anything could happen.

vr graphic

Enhanced Player Experience

One of the biggest attractions of VR casinos is the heightened level of player engagement. The immersive nature of these platforms lets players feel like they’re in the middle of the action, offering a much more engaging and realistic gaming experience. This is really appealing to the younger demographic, which has grown up with immersive video games and is accustomed to high levels of online interactivity.


Social Interaction in a Virtual World

Another significant benefit of VR casinos is the enhancement of social interaction—most online casinos lack the communal aspect of physical casinos, but VR technology addresses this by allowing players to interact with dealers and fellow gamblers in a virtual environment. This creates a sense of community and makes the gaming experience more fun and realistic.

different casino games

Different Games and Experiences

Do you know what VR can also bring to the table? An extensive range of casino games. There are the classics, like blackjack and poker, and then there are the more modern games, like virtual slots and live dealer games in a realistic virtual setting. Moreover, VR technology can be combined with other advancements, like 3D sound and haptic feedback, to deliver a totally immersive sensory experience to gamblers.

vr challenges

Potential Challenges

Despite the immense potential that VR casinos could bring about, they also face a few drawbacks. The cost of VR equipment, since it’s not cheap, could be a big barrier, limiting accessibility for a lot of potential players.

Additionally, there are certain tech requirements to enter the VR world, like the necessity for powerful hardware and high-speed, stable internet connections.

And believe it or not, there are physical health concerns when it comes to VR use, like nausea (you can compare it to seasickness) or headaches associated with prolonged VR use. Lastly, the online gambling industry is subject to various regulations, which may need adaptation to accommodate any VR casinos.

Final Thoughts

Looking into our crystal ball, it seems like the possibilities for VR casinos are promising and vast. As technology continues to leapfrog ahead, virtual reality gambling experiences could be poised to become even more lifelike. With innovations like haptic feedback suits, better controllers, and eye-tracking technology, this only means that the realism of these virtual environments will become hyper-realistic. Not to mention that VR gambling presents opportunities for interactive, multiplayer experiences and opens up new revenue streams for online casinos that go the VR route through in-app purchases for virtual items.

Virtual reality could be on the precipice of revolutionizing the online gambling industry—its potential impact on digital gambling, including more player engagement, social interaction, and a much bigger choice of games, transports us to a future where the lines between the physical and digital gaming worlds are increasingly blurred. While there are most definitely a few challenges to address and overcome, the possibilities are endless, and this technology is here to stay.

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