Busting Myths | Common Misconceptions About Online Gambling

Online gambling myths

The rise of online gambling has been absolutely meteoric—there is now a world of convenience and variety for players who don’t want to venture out into the real world on a trek to a brick-and-mortar casino.

But with this growth comes a festering breeding ground for a lot of myths and misconceptions about online gambling. Most of the time, these myths stem from a lack of understanding of how online casinos operate, limited knowledge about the tech involved that makes these games tick, or general worries about the digital change from old-school, traditional gambling practices.

Since the late 1990s and early 2000s, when online gambling started gaining traction, a variety of myths have hit the circuit, skewing perceptions and often deterring new players from even thinking about participating in online gambling.

Despite the prevalence of these myths, it’s important to understand that they are often based on hearsay, individual bad experiences, or outdated ideas about gambling practices in general. In a sphere as dynamic and tech-driven as online gambling, staying informed and up to date and knowing fact from fiction is super important.

That’s why we are gonna debunk some of the most common myths, so our readers can have crystal clarity and the most accurate understanding of the world of online gambling! Let’s bust these myths, players!

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How Do Online Gambling Myths Start?

Most of these myths often come from misunderstandings or from the experiences of players who have faced some big monetary losses—and we get it: they are upset and think the game is “rigged” against them.

But understand this: just because people keep saying things over and over, this in no way makes them true—in the case of busting these erroneous myths and statements, we are here to separate fact from fiction. And these are most definitely fiction.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

In the big wide world of online gambling, myths can go from false impressions about game fairness to exaggerated beliefs about any risks involved, so let’s shed a little light on the most common myths and uncover the truths behind them.

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Myth 1: Casino Games Are Rigged

Nope! This one is perhaps the most pervasive myth. It’s rooted in the mistaken belief that online casinos manipulate their games to prevent players from winning. However, licensed and regulated online casinos use Random Number Generators (RNGs) to ensure fair and random outcomes in games. Independent regulatory bodies frequently audit these systems, ensuring their integrity and fairness.

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Myth 2: You Will Not Get Paid if You Win at an Online Casino

Wrong! Many believe that online casinos will refuse to payout winnings. But here is God’s honest truth—licensed casinos are obligated BY LAW to honor payouts. The myth seems to stem from isolated incidents involving unregulated casinos, but it does not hold true for reputable online gambling platforms.

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Myth 3: Loose and Tight Slots

The notion of “loose” and “tight” slots is a really popular myth, especially among brick-and-mortar casino players. But guess what, conspiracy slot theorists? Slot machines, which are governed by RNGs, are completely random in nature, meaning it is literally impossible to predict the next outcome.

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Myth 4: Casinos Pump Oxygen to Keep Players Awake

What? This sounds nuts. But people repeat this myth, suggesting that casinos pump oxygen to keep players alert and fall apart under logical scrutiny due to the high costs and impracticality of such an expensive oxygen operation.

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Myth 5: The Game Will Freeze if You Are Winning Too Much

This myth is easily debunked by the fact that casinos benefit from keeping players active—how would they make money if they froze out players? Slot machines “freezing” or any sort of stoppage is always due to a software or hardware malfunction rather than any intentional freezing. Relax, it’s not slot subterfuge.

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Myth 6: Card Counting Is Illegal

Contrary to popular belief, card counting is not illegal. While casinos may ask card counters to leave and not come back, it is actually not a criminal offense! That one is news to us!

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Myth 7: Online Slots Games Become Overdue for a Win

This particular myth, often referred to as the “gambler’s fallacy,” suggests that a slot game is due for a big payout after a long series of losses. But hold your horses, players: since online slots use RNGs, each spin is totally random, and previous outcomes in no way influence future results.

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Myth 8: Online Casinos are Unsafe to Play At

Some players feel that online gambling platforms are somewhat less secure than land-based casinos, which is a fair concern! And even though it’s not such an out-there belief, all reputable online casinos adhere to strict security measures and are regulated by trusted authorities, which means safety for players and their betting transactions.

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Myth 9: Online Slots Pay Out Differently Depending on the Time of Day

This myth infers that certain slot games have higher or lower winning percentages at different times of the day. Not true at all! In reality, the RNGs ensure that each spin is random and independent no matter the time of day—or night.

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Myth 10: The More You Play, The More You’ll Win

Another common myth implies that if you keep at it long enough, this will level up your chances of winning. But sadly, the odds remain the same regardless of the duration of play, and longer sessions might actually increase the likelihood of losses due to the house edge.

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Myth 11: You’ll Win More When Redeeming Big Welcome Bonuses

Some players believe that the bigger the welcome bonus, the bigger the winnings will be. While bonuses can and do provide more playtime, they often come with some wagering requirements that can be hard to meet if you have a budget.

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Myth 12: Card Counting in Online Blackjack is Beneficial

While card counting is a known strategy in land-based blackjack, it’s pretty ineffective in online versions due to the use of continuous shuffle machines and software that shuffles the deck after each hand. Sorry, card counters—you’re out of luck when it comes to online blackjack!

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Myth 13: Betting Systems Guarantee Success

No betting system can guarantee wins in online gambling—none. The outcomes in casino games are random, and while systems like the Martingale or Fibonacci can be fun to try, they do not guarantee a win or any profits.

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Myth 14: Online Gambling Encourages Underage Gambling

Reputable online casinos are super strict about age verification and use strong measures to prevent underage gambling, often way more rigorously than brick-and-mortar casinos.

Knowing and understanding these common myths and the truth behind them will keep you in the loop when it comes to a better, more enjoyable, and responsible online gambling playtime. Don’t forget that responsible gambling, knowledge of the games, and awareness of the risks are all important parts of fun online gambling.

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Explaining the Fairness and Randomness of Online Casino Games

Online casino games all use advanced algorithms and mathematical formulas to guarantee fairness in gaming. The RTP (Return to Player) of games is usually publicly available, allowing players to know the potential return of games.

And if you don’t see the RTP or licensing for an online casino, you could be on a site that isn’t verified, so always double-check that the place is legit!

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Promoting Responsible Gambling Practices

Responsible gambling is about understanding the risks and setting one’s own personal limits when it comes to how much you wager and when to stop. Like The Gambler says, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em; know when to walk away, and know when to run!”

Recognizing and acknowledging the signs of problem gambling and seeking help if you need it is of the utmost importance, and online casinos provide a lot of good resources and tools to support responsible gambling.


When all is said and done, understanding the realities of online gambling, debunking these common myths, and practicing responsible gambling are the basics of a positive (and possibly lucrative winnings-wise) online gambling experience!

When you approach and play online gambling games with knowledgeable perspectives and know the difference between myths and realities, players can enjoy the thrill of gambling in a safe and fair environment.

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