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The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites for US Players

Looking for the best horse racing betting sites that are available in your area? Well, you’re in luck today. Below, you’ll find our guide to finding the best legal horse racing betting sites offering action to US customers. We’ll help you find sites that offer the best overall action, the most bet types, and the most action from all of your favorite tracks from around the country and the world. If you’re ready to get in the action now without having to head to the track, check out our guide below.

Now, if you like to take things a little slower and need some more information before jumping into the action, that’s okay. In the rest of this guide, we grab the reigns and break everything down for you step by step. We’ll provide guides for specific horse racing events, and at the bottom of the guide, we’ll recommend guides to any of you that might not be from the United States but still want to get into the action.

But wait, there’s more! Additionally, we’ll help put you on the right track to winning by linking you to our dedicated horse racing strategy guide. Betting on horses is fun, but betting on horses and winning is a lot more fun.

If you’re feeling completely lost and a little overwhelmed, that’s okay, too. If that is you, scroll down to our horse racing betting guide. This is a guide that our experts put together with beginners in mind. It will walk you through literally every step of the horse racing betting process without overloading you with confusing terms and jargon. We’ll start with a walking pace, move to a trot, and finally get you galloping to profit. Sorry, we couldn’t make it any further without at least one horse pun.

Finding the Best US Horse Racing Betting Sites

We don’t want to blindly give you recommendations without telling you why we’re giving them. If we don’t tell you how to find the best horse racing betting sites, how can you expect to know if they’re a good fit for you? What is the best for us might not be the best for you (but we think it’s probably going to be)?

The Most Tracks and Bet Types

If we know anything about people who bet on horses, we know that you love action. You’re not the kind that likes to sit around for hours on a race day waiting for more races to start. Additionally, we know that you like to have choices when it comes to the tracks you bet at, the horses you get to bet on, and the types of bets available. If we had to sum that up in one word, it would be “choices.”

For a horse racing betting site to top our list, they have to offer the most action available. Thanks to the internet, you can now bet on races from all over the world, and sportsbooks are able to offer more action than a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Specifically, we want to see action at tracks all over the country and all over the world. The more, the better. While many sites are going to offer action at the major tracks, few offer action at the smaller venues. With technology and the right resources, you should be able to bet anywhere you want to.

Secondly, we want to see a lot of different types of bets. Believe it or not, some legal horse racing betting sites have a very limited number of bet types, which is just plain unacceptable to us. With the horse racing sites we’ve recommended, you’ll get the full spectrum of bets – win, place, show, quinellas, exactas, trifectas, superfectas, daily doubles, pick 3s, pick 4s, pick 6s, and anything else they can dream up to offer you action on. Basically, you’re going to have your hands full with every single option under the sun you could want to bet.

The Easiest to Use Interface

As you might expect, more options can create usability issues if the developers aren’t able to package things together properly. Just because a horse racing betting site offers a lot of different bets at a lot of different tracks doesn’t mean it automatically gets the seal of approval from us. The site still needs to be easy to use, simple to navigate, and organized in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out.

This starts with the big issues like overall organization, graphics layout, and the general flow and process of placing a bet. But it goes further into the small details like the size and spacing of the buttons, how many steps you have to go through to bet, and even the color schemes. If the site is lacking in any of these departments, you’re probably not going to have a great experience, especially if you’re spending a considerable amount of time on the site.

Picking winners at the track might be tough, but getting your bets in should never be. This is why we rank the best horse racing betting sites heavily based off of the quality of their user interface.

Mobile Betting Abilities

We’ve already noted that we’re well aware that those who like to bet on the horses love action. You love the ability to get a quick rush and make a quick buck in just a few minutes. But why should that rush be limited to when you’re at a sportsbook or at your home on your desktop computer? We don’t think that it should be, and thankfully, a lot of awesome US horse racing betting sites agree.

Here’s what we look for when determining the best horse racing betting sites for US customers.

One – we want to see that they have some sort of a mobile betting platform. This can be a standalone app or a mobile-friendly website. Our preference is mobile-friendly websites because they require no download and are compatible on all devices, but we aren’t completely against websites with standalone apps. That is, as long as they also have a desktop version you can use as well.

Two – we need this mobile betting app or mobile-friendly horse racing betting site to be quality. We apply a lot of the same filters we use when analyzing the desktop interface to the mobile platforms as well. Additionally, there are some extras that we need to see with it being for mobile. Sites are attempting to present the same amount of information as the desktop version but on a smaller screen. This requires some extra accommodations to make things still easy to use.

You need to be able to bet any race you want whether you’re at home, at the sportsbook, at work, or out with your friends. This is why we pay a lot of attention to the mobile betting platforms offered by the online horse racing betting sites that we review.

Trust and Security

Last on our list but tied for first in importance are trust and security. You have to be able to trust the horse racing betting site you’re using with your money and private information, and you have to be able to trust they have the proper security in place to keep you safe.

What does this look like? Here are a few things that are musts for us.

These are just a few of the deal-breakers we utilize in evaluating the trust and security of a horse racing betting site. You should spend your time worrying about which horse you want to win, not whether or not you’re going to get paid out on your bet.

Best Horse Racing Events to Bet On

While the horse racing sites we’ve laid out for you at the top of this page are great and should be plenty of action no matter what you’re looking to bet on, you may be looking for something very specific. While there are horse races nearly every day of the year all across the world, there are a few that are the hallmark events that even non-horse-racing fans tune in to see.

If you’re looking to bet one of these major events, we’ve put together some betting guides to help you out. Click below to check out the specific event, race, or track you’re looking to bet.

Horse Racing Betting Guide

Stuck at where to begin? Does everything on this page seem like it’s written in a foreign language to you? Relax. Take a deep breath. You’ve found the section you were looking for. Below, our team of experts has put together a horse racing betting guide that is going to walk you through every little detail you need to know to become a master at the track.

And here’s the best news. They’re going to teach it to you in a way that you can understand. No crazy jargon or superfecta/quinella talk without breaking it down step by step for you. We’ll start at square one and assume you don’t know anything. We all were there one day, so we want to make sure that you’re taught properly. A firm foundation is a must if you have hopes of being successful at betting on horses.

So, if you’re ready to get started betting on horses, click the guide below and let our experts teach you everything you need to know. You’ll leave that guide with all of the knowledge you need to start placing bets and hopefully winning!

Horse Racing Betting Guide*

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

If you’ve already got the basics of horse racing betting down, you might be looking at how you can improve your chances of winning. Well, this all comes down to employing the right strategies to pick which horses to bet in which races. A lot of people think it’s just a gambling game where you pick a horse by its number, cool name, or maybe its color and just hope to get lucky. What they don’t realize is that there is a lot of strategy that goes into picking winners, and if you’re good at it, you can make some serious money.

To help you take your horse racing betting to the next level, we’ve hired a team of experts to teach you everything they know about betting on horses. They’ll discuss the odds, the track conditions, the types of bets, the jockeys, the horse breeds, race history, and a whole lot more. They’ll show you what you need to be looking for with each and then how to put it all together to start making winning picks. It’s a lot to learn, but it’s fun, and if you end up being good at it, you could stand to turn a nice profit.

Horse Racing Betting Strategy*

Betting on Horses in Other Countries

Believe it or not, the ponies run in other countries! We don’t know why we framed that like it would be shocking, but if you’ve never traveled outside the US and sought out horse racing, you probably didn’t know this. If you’ve stumbled on this page and you aren’t located in the US, you can still get in on the horse racing action.

Below, you’ll find links to horse racing betting guides for several other countries where it’s popular. Wherever in the world you are, you can bet on pretty much any race anywhere. There’s no shortage of horse race betting action, and we love it.

If you’re from one of the countries we have listed below, make sure to click the link to see our dedicated guide for your specific country.

UK Horse Racing Betting*
Australian Horse Racing Betting*