Daily Fantasy Sports Betting

The Best Daily Fantasy Sports Betting Guide in the US

Without sounding like complete fanboys, daily fantasy sports are certainly one of the greatest innovations in the sports betting world. Season-long fantasy sports are already a blast, but this new format creates bigger prize pools, more action and excitement, and a great way for experienced sports fans to make money while enjoying their favorite games.

If you’re new to daily fantasy sports (DFS) or if you’ve been playing for years, we’ve got plenty of resources for you here. If you’re an experienced DFS player, we didn’t forget about you. You should get a lot of value from our advanced strategy section below. Whether you’re looking to get started for the first time or to take your existing game to the next level, we’ve got something for you. Below, you’ll find everything you could ever want to know and more about DFS.

Basic Daily Fantasy Sports Knowledge

The secret to any successful daily fantasy sports strategy system is a firm foundation. If you don’t understand the basics of what you’re working with, you can never expect to successfully grow and build a winning system. If you’re brand new to DFS or making the switch from traditional fantasy sports, we highly recommend you spend some time in this section.

If you’re a seasoned DFS player, we still recommend at least perusing through some of these articles and guides. You’d be shocked at how many higher-level DFS players we’ve met that were missing some basic knowledge that really helped take their game to the next level. There is nothing wrong with temporarily checking your ego at the door and seeing if there is any information you can use to plug leaks in your DFS game.

Below, you’ll find our collection of basic daily fantasy sports guides and articles. Remember to check back often, as we are always adding to our collection of resources here. Even though these are targeted towards beginners, there is still a lot of value for players of all skill levels.

Daily Fantasy Sports Advanced Strategy Guides

Now that we’ve worked through the basics and we’re all on the same page, let’s start talking what’s most important – how to win at daily fantasy sports. One of the great things about DFS is that it’s so new that the optimal strategy is always evolving and changing. What might seem like the right thing to do today might become obsolete tomorrow and be replaced by something superior. Because the system hasn’t been “cracked” yet, it means there are still plenty of opportunities to be on the leading edge and make a heck of a lot of money in the process.

If you’ve ever watched any betting market grow from the ground up, you’ve seen this before. Innovators and smart minds start getting together and begin to crack the code on how to beat the system. As they make advances, the game changes, and the rest of the players and betting public race to catch up.

What we aim to do here is stay ahead of that curve. We’ve hired several of these DFS movers and shakers who are already beating the games and are constantly innovating to increase their margins and crush the competition. They’ve agreed to come on board and share their winning strategies in real time. Below, you’ll find a collection of these strategies, tips, and tricks. Make sure that you check back often because we’re always updating these guides and adding new ones as new strategies are discovered and implemented.

Don’t get left in the dust of your competition.

Advanced Strategy*

The Benefits of Daily Fantasy Sports vs. Traditional Fantasy Leagues

This might be the first time you’re hearing about daily fantasy sports, or maybe you’re following up on a recommendation from a friend to check it out. Maybe you stumbled here on a weird Google search, or you saw a commercial about DFS. Regardless of how you got here, welcome. What we’d like to do is introduce you more formally to daily fantasy sports and talk about the differences between DFS and your traditional season-long fantasy sports leagues. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the biggest benefits to playing daily fantasy sports instead of your traditional fantasy leagues.

Shorter Time Gap Between League Start and Getting Paid

When you join a traditional fantasy league, you’re locked in for the entire season. Whatever amount you pay for a buy-in is locked away until the entire season is over. This means that even if you are the winner of the league, you won’t be touching that money for several months.

With daily fantasy sports, leagues typically last for one day through maybe a week at the most. This means that the time from when you buy in to when you get paid is extremely short. If you’ve got a limited bankroll for betting on sports, you’re going to need this liquidity. This will allow you to keep betting, joining leagues, and building your bankroll.

Larger Prize Pools for Smaller Buy-Ins

When you play in a traditional fantasy sports league, the amount you can win is capped. Yes, you are typically going to be competing against a smaller group of people, which increases your chances of winning, but you now have a ceiling. For example, if you join a $50 fantasy league with 11 other friends, the total prize pool is $600. First place is most likely going to be $200-$250.

With daily fantasy sports, though, you can find leagues that have thousands of people in them. This means that you can find games where the buy-in is $1, and you can win tens of thousands of dollars. There is even a tournament every week during the NFL season with a $20 buy-in where first place is over a million dollars. That is not a typo. For $20, you can win a million bucks on any given Sunday during the NFL season.

Obviously, winning that tournament is not easy and is going to require you to draft the perfect lineup. The point, though, is that the potential is there. You’ll have to sift through thousands of people, but the excitement of having that potential is incredible. For smaller risks, your ceiling is much higher with DFS.

Never Get Stuck with Duds for an Entire Season

If you’ve played season-long fantasy sports before, you’ve been there. You draft a mediocre team with a few superstars. Game one of the season, your superstars both blow out their knees, and now you’ve got the worst team in your league by far. You end up losing almost every game all season, and your entire fantasy experience for that year is a bust.

Daily fantasy sports stop this from happening to you. Sure, the players you pick can get hurt, and you’ll probably lose that tournament. But that tournament is over in a day or a few days. You can just join another tournament and pick all brand-new players. The duds and the injuries don’t plague you all season long. You get a fresh slate every single day (or even multiple times in the same day if you want).

This is especially important if you’re someone who likes to play DFS for entertainment value as well. Once your season-long team goes to the garbage, it’s hard to get excited or enjoy the entertainment you’re supposed to be getting from fantasy. But fantasy makes sure that you’re always in the action and you always have a brand-new chance at winning even if your team from the last week or day was a bust.

More Action, Less Sitting and Waiting

When you play season-long fantasy sports, you end up getting to make a lot of decisions right at the beginning with the draft, and then throughout the season, it’s only a few small changes here and there. It’s a lot of sitting and waiting and hoping for your players to deliver.

With daily fantasy sports, you’re always in the action. While you still aren’t making decisions during the games, you can adjust your lineup all the way through the start of game time. Additionally, if you’re playing lineups every week, you’re going to be researching and picking new lineups every single week. If you’re someone who prefers to have an active role in your fantasy sports, DFS is for you.

Yes, you still do get the time to kick back, enjoy the games, and root for your guys. But you will feel as though you have a much more active role throughout the week leading up to the games. For many, especially those looking for entertainment value, this is a huge win.

More Opportunities to Flex Your Skill Muscle for Profit

When you’re able to make more decisions and join more leagues, you have more opportunities to let your skill shine. When you only have one league all season, luck plays a huge role. If your star player gets hurt or suspended, your season could be over. With DFS, an injury is only going to torpedo you for that single tournament. If you have multiple tournaments/leagues you’re in, you can just move on to the next one.

With things controlled predominantly by skill but still with a little luck factor, you’ll want to get as many iterations in as possible to overcome variance (the luck) and let your skill shine through. With DFS, you can end up playing in hundreds of leagues and tournaments throughout the season, where with season-long fantasy, you probably only get one shot to win. For skilled players who know what they’re doing, this is not ideal. This is a big win for DFS in our book.

DFS vs. Sports Betting

While daily fantasy sports is betting on sports, it’s significantly different than sports betting. No, we are not playing word games here for the heck of it. There are some marked differences between the two that we’d like to draw to your attention. These are important so that you fully understand what you’re playing and so that there is no confusion of incorrect expectations. Understanding this can help you to have a lot more fun and also help you to maximize your profits from sports betting or betting on sports.

The Game Outcome Does Not Matter

If you’re making a moneyline, point spread, or over/under score sports bet, the outcome of the game certainly matters. The only way that you can see a profit is if the outcome of the game is in line with what you are betting. There are some sports bets where this is not the case, but for the majority of them, the game outcome and the final score matter.

With daily fantasy sports, this is not the case. You’re only betting on individual players to do well. Yes, a positive performance by your players will have an effect on the game’s final score, but a team win is not necessary for you to win your bet. All that matters is that the players you selected do well in whatever the DFS scoring metrics are for that particular sport and league. You can definitely have a phenomenal DFS showing with players from teams that don’t walk away with the checkmark in the win column.

Betting vs. the Player and Not the Sportsbook

When you’re playing daily fantasy sports, you’re playing against other people. The sportsbook or website running the league is only taking a small cut from the prize pool for facilitating the contest. When you are making a sports bet, though, you are betting against the house. The sportsbook is your competition. Yes, you can make an argument that you’re really theoretically betting against the other bettors for the best line, but your bets are still placed with the sportsbook itself.

Typically, you’re only going to see this setup with games and systems that require skill and are able to be beaten long-term. If this weren’t the case, the DFS sites would operate like a sportsbook and take action against you. But because the games are able to be beaten long-term, they just take a rake for facilitating the action.

Selections Don’t Lock Right Away

When you make a sports bet, that’s it. You’re not able to get the bet undone or removed if conditions change, like a player getting injured. With daily fantasy sports, though, you’re able to make changes to your lineup all the way up until the games start. This means that if a player on your roster gets hurt or suspended, you’re able to switch them out for someone else.

Yes, every player in the league is going to have this option. But you’d be surprised how many people set a lineup and then don’t check things until after the games start. When players you’re competing against do this, you’re able to get a big leg up. If your opponent is running one less player on their team, it’s going to be really hard for them to score more points than you.

The Legality of Daily Fantasy Sports

A popular question with any form of wagering is whether or not it is legal and what the laws are surrounding it. For DFS, the markets are legal and pretty well regulated in the United States and around the world. That being said, there are a few places where your options are limited due to particular laws and regulations.

While you probably have nothing to worry about, we still wanted to provide the answers to all of your DFS legal questions. The link below will take you to our DFS legal page where we’ll cover all of the laws that pertain to playing daily fantasy sports in the US and worldwide.

Legality of DFS*

Getting Started in Daily Fantasy Sports

The best part about daily fantasy sports is that new leagues are starting and finishing every single day. As long as your favorite sport is in session, you can get started and into a DFS league right now. If you’re ready to give things a go, we highly recommend checking out a legal US Daily Fantasy Sports site. Even if you aren’t ready to play for real money just yet, there are freeroll leagues that you can jump into to get your feet wet and possibly win some free money!

Take what you’ve learned here and join the fun. If you’re sharp and put in the work, you can be earning a nice profit from DFS in no time. Good luck!