Tapping into the Power of Your Intuition at the Poker Table

Poker Table

Intuition is the unfair advantage we all possess at the poker table, but few of us are aware of its existence. Even fewer tap into that power at the tables to win more money.

But you can always sit at the poker table and use these intuitive techniques.

Imagine that you’re sitting at the poker table with 3 other players, all of whom have equal stacks. Look at each of them and relax. Make a mental note of the first thing that comes to mind as you look at each one of them.

Ask yourself questions like these:

  • Who do they remind me of?
  • Do they have an air of confidence that I admire in someone else?
  • Who is it that I admire?

Whoever comes to mind during these questions is who you’re now playing against in this game.

You already do this many instances. It’s when you begin thinking that playing a round of poker with this person (whoever came to mind) would be impossible for you that you run into trouble.

When fear about another player creeps in, strategies are lost and mistakes are made.

Fear of another player means thinking that she is out to get you. Singling another player out as the “only one” you will have trouble with, distracts you from all of the other players.

Playing at a casino is also distracting. The same intuitive principle is at play, however, no matter where you play.

This post will help you learn what all those little things mean that happen in your psyche at the poker table. It will guide you on how to be aware of all five senses. You’ll begin to notice the slightest shift in consciousness during a game.

The subtlest shifts at the poker table are often the most significant–all the way down to when and why someone shifts their weight while they are sitting. Everything at the poker table is a sign of sorts. You’re going to learn which signs will affect your winnings in any way.

1- Betting, High and Low

Spot your opponent’s mood while betting.

All of us go bust at some point.

What we have a say in, however, is how often.

How do we respond?

What should we have known when she makes a meek or large bet?

Do they win the hands where there is meekness?

And how do you avoid being obvious about what you’re holding.

When you listen to your intuition, you’ll take the mistakes out of the equation.

But that takes time, patience, and acceptance that you have human limitations.

If we could all be number one at the World Series of Poker every year, we would be, and we wouldn’t need blogs to teach us how to get there. Until we’re all big winners, however, we all make sacrifices and mistakes.

2- Cycles of Loss

What I inevitably do, at some point, is start thinking I never had it. No matter what kind of winning streak I’ve been on in the past, I lose one good hand to some kid who just became old enough to gamble, and I think I’m a loser.

This pitfall is something that gives way to a certain type of defeat. I then spend the rest of the game second guessing myself, missing opportunities, and before I know it, I’m short-stacked or bust. I can actually begin, at some point, to sabotage my own strategy, if I’m not careful.

Loss creates more loss.

Don’t fall for that line of thinking.

3- What Your Intuition Is Telling You

How do you trust your intuition at the table?

We all think we’re really good at poker until we go bust. Beware. The same pitfall as believing we are losers applies to believing we’re the best or unbeatable.

We’ll start humbly and work our way to being more aggressive at the table. Our only aim is to envision and imagine ourselves winning through proper mind-programming.

What should we be aware of in other players?

The current mind-set is often the one that needs fixing. Evolving the mind beyond that of any normal poker player and making these secrets known to you, are our goals.

4- Your Feelings at the Table

We all pick up on subtleties that we can be aware of. Or these can fade out of memory as nothing more than mind-made. The truth is, when intuition grabs something in one of your senses, it registers. Most players know of their gut instinct, but let’s go into depth about what it means to see, feel, hear, and even smell our feelings at the poker table.

Always be aware of all 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, feel, sound) in order to use the 6th.

Intuition should be like breathing–natural, fluent, and done with ease and comfort. Your mission is to look across the table and feel no fear of an opponent or any potential threat. The only way to know when you’re beaten before the cards are dealt is to give up your own understanding of the other players.

5- Into the Deep

You want to get as deeply in touch with the thoughts and feelings of your opponents as possible. If you become one with all things, you’ll be able to do that. When that happens, poker becomes infinitely simple and deep at the same time.

Watch closely for the way someone puts a raise into the pot. Laugh at the sheer luck behind a bad beat.

Also, think about how you live your life and how others view you as a result. You want to use the same methods to judge the other poker players at the table.

It’s going to seem weird trusting your intuition—at least at first. If you relied on your intuition in the past and got it wrong, you might be gun-shy. Luckily, you probably won’t get a truly “wrong” answer. You can always learn something from every outcome and every situation.

6- No Geniuses

Poker isn’t rocket science.

Some people believe that you must be “touched” or, “gifted,” in some way to be able to read people. The truth is that you hold this gift yourself–you were born with this ability. You unconsciously know what everyone in your life is thinking and feeling.

In fact, strangers are even easier to read than the people you play at your home games. Picking up on the slightest facial tick, sensing the energy at the table, and letting go of what you think you know are all great habits to get into. When you first sit at the table, you will begin soaking up its vibration, who is where, and how strong their game is.

7- Strategy and Intuition

There’s a lot of a strategy in only looking and listening to your gut or intuition. It’s in your ability to see, feel, and hear that you begin to unfold that intuition you were born with. At the poker table, it can be frustrating and distracting to look and see everything upon first glance.

But, with these techniques, you’ll get better at doing exactly that. Every table, full or not, will have its quirks that are recognizable by your thoughts and perception.

To read the table before you even sit down is one thing that will make you a strong player. Knowing when to fold and when to raise is an important part of our process, and it will begin to come naturally for you.

You already hold the key to a winning poker strategy–you need only realize your own innermost potential and therefore beat the odds before ever placing your first blind.

8- Aggression

Betting aggressively is one of the essentials for long-term success in intuitive poker. You may need to fold a few hands and see how other players are betting in order to succeed in the beginning. If you have no idea who is who and what to watch for, you will begin to pick up those most important of micro-reactions by each player.

It is not, in the least, necessary to short-stack yourself in order to get a feel for the players.

But in some instances you will find yourself short-stacked before you pick up on their moves as individual players. There‘s a lot of life in poker. You will simply be giving that life a say in how you play. Let there be enough acceptance that just because you’ve lost a few hands, does not mean you need not bet aggressively. The simple realization that your intuition is more than capable of beating the odds puts the odds completely at your fingertips.

9- Know Victory in Defeat

Just because another player is aggressive doesn’t mean he’s unbeatable. Learn how to be in full confidence of yourself as a poker player. This will arrange things in your minds so that you automatically learn the other players without even thinking about their winnings.

When you sit at the table, learn how to immediately begin scanning and sizing up your opponents. This will, in the end, become so natural hat you need only do a thing like take a deep breath before we sit down and the information about another player will come flooding in without effort.

The smallest details of another player are the most significant. You’ll find those small, yet infinitely significant answers that will be so useful in the weeks to come. Your strategy will be no strategy at all. You will learn to read the table without effort.

10- Train Your Mind and the Cards Will Follow

Think about the realm of intention. Study the mindset of winners—they have a deliberate intention to win. You put in the work into having that mindset, and there’s no limit to your potential. Intuition is just one of the mind tricks you can use to harness the power of intention.

The most important mind trick is one you use on yourself. Think about those questions about the other players I mentioned earlier I the post. Get used to asking and answering them in your mind until that process becomes as natural to you as your breathing.

You don’t need to have correct answers the first time you do this. You’re opening a doorway into your intuition, and this will help you unlock your potential to win. Meditation can help you learn to still your mind, too.

Once your mind is well-trained, you can forget about the cards because they’re so much less important.


If you want to tap into the power of your intuition at the poker table, your goal should be to tap into your own mind and the minds of the other players. If your hand is good, great—but you should also try to read the other player and bet the way your intuition suggests.

You want to come to the poker table with your A game. You can pick up a lot of this intuitive stuff faster than you might think.

But don’t make the mistake of congratulating yourself too enthusiastically or judging yourself too harshly.

Poker’s still a game of chance.

You’ll be more likely to be able to tap into your intuition if you have a strong body and a strong mind.

Intuition is as old as the pyramids, but there’s no reason you can’t use it to inform the way you play poker today.