Best US Baseball Betting Sites

What You Should Know About Baseball Before You Bet

If you’re on the hunt for the best baseball betting action on the web, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll see our guide to finding the best of the best when it comes to baseball betting sites. Whether you’re looking to bet a single game, the whole season, the World Series, or even college baseball, we’ve got you taken care of.

If you happen to be looking for some more information before making a decision or are looking for more baseball betting resources, we have more for you. In the remainder of this guide, we’re going to take a look at betting guides based on league or event, exactly how we go about deciding which sites are the best to bet at, the legality of betting on baseball, and a link to our dedicated baseball strategy guide.

Betting Guides by Event

Typically, most sportsbooks on the web are going to offer some sort of baseball betting action throughout the year. While this may be standard across the board, the quantity and quality of the action offered is going to differ greatly depending on what you’re looking to bet on. Some sportsbooks will have a lot of action on MLB baseball while offering nothing on college baseball. Others might offer incredible action during the World Series but nothing during the regular season.

To help you get to exactly what it is you came to bet on, we’ve racked and stacked how to find the best baseball betting sites based off of how good they are with specific types of action. The recommendations you’ll see below are the catch-all that does a great job across the board. The baseball betting guides we have listed here are organized specifically by the league or series they offer the best action for. As expected, you’ll end up finding a lot of the same sites, as the best all-around betting sites typically are going to be the front-runners in these categories as well.

Finding the Best Baseball Betting Sites

What we’d like to do now is break down for you some of the major factors when selecting the best baseball betting sites. These sites offer a great, reliable product that can be trusted. The list below is only a taste of the things we look at when racking and stacking sites.

Tons of Bets to Choose From

When you’re betting on baseball, you want to have the full flexibility to bet on exactly what you think is going to happen in the game. This means that if a baseball betting site only offers you moneyline bets on major games, you’re not going to be too happy with that, and you rightfully shouldn’t be. In this day and age, you should expect and demand more from sportsbooks.

What we like to see at a bare minimum to call a site quality is the ability to bet moneylines, run lines, totals, and season-long futures bets. Additionally, we like to see expanded betting with props on major championship events like the College World Series or the World Series. Sites that go beyond this and offer props, division futures, and more are baseball betting sites after our own hearts.

The biggest thing we’re looking for is consistency. We don’t want to see a ton of action available one week and nothing the next. Or we don’t want only to see action on the more popular games and nothing on the lower-profile games (predominantly in college baseball).

The Ability to Bet on the Go

Baseball has action almost every day of the week during the season. This means the opportunities to make a killing are numerous. If you wanted to, you could sit at the local sportsbook or at your house and bet baseball games 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But this is probably not feasible. Your significant other might disown you, your boss might get a little angry, and you’ll need a little sunlight to stop yourself from going crazy.

What do you do if you want to continue living your life but still want to be able to jump on great baseball betting values when they pop up? The secret is using a baseball betting site that has a mobile-friendly interface. This means that wherever you are, as long as you have your phone on you or a tablet and an internet or phone connection, you can get your action in.

Now, this is not just a checkmark column type of thing. Just because a site offers mobile-friendly betting does not instantly make it a top baseball betting site. The mobile betting aspect of the site needs to be quality. It doesn’t need to be good; it needs to be great. If you’re going to be betting on baseball frequently on the go, you don’t want to have to worry that you’re going to make mistakes or incorrect bets just because the interface isn’t great.

The organization needs to make bets quick and easy to find, the buttons and betting controls need to be easy to use, and it needs to be crazy-easy for you to confirm that you’re making the bet you want on the game you want and for the amount you want. That might seem like a lot to ask for, but we know that it’s possible because we’ve seen it with the sites we recommended at the top of the page. You shouldn’t accept any less than the best.

Trust, Security, and Reliability

While we find everything on this list and on our complete list important, these three things are by far the most important. We’re talking about trust, security, and reliability. With almost anything in life, trust always seems to be the most important thing people are looking for. This does not change one bit when it comes to legal baseball betting sites. If we can’t trust that our money, information, bets, and accounts are safe, then how can we ever expect to keep a cool and collected head when placing our bets? The relationship between you and your sportsbook needs to be one built on trust.

One of the ways that a sportsbook can earn your trust (and ours) is by having the proper security measures in place to protect you from external and internal threats. Regardless of how much money you’re betting with, you want to know that it’s going to be safe. Even if you’re just betting a few bucks a game, you don’t deserve ever to have that money be at any risk. This includes risk from outside attacks and people who work at the company.

The last of these three must-haves is reliability. When a baseball betting site tells you that they’re going to do something, they better follow through with that. If they tell you that a certain promotion will pay out one way or a certain bet will have X, Y, or Z rules, they better stick to their word. While there are regulating bodies that protect you from sites straying, it’s better to never have to worry about fighting that fight. Why not just bet with a baseball betting site that is reliable with everything they tell you they’re going to do?

The Legality of Betting on Baseball

If you’re new to betting on baseball in the US, you might not be completely up to speed on all of the legislation that has to do with sports betting and the internet. We don’t blame you; who has time to keep up with all of that stuff? Good news! We do. While betting on baseball in the US is legal almost everywhere, there are some areas of the country and specific states where there are some restrictions that you should be aware of.

One of the toughest things to find online is sports betting advice specific to each state. Usually, you’ll see a blanket statement for the entire country, which is just not much help. Well, we decided to change that. If you click the link below, it will take you to our state-specific betting law and betting site pages. There, you can find all of the laws governing your state and any particular restrictions you should be aware of. They’ll also show you all of the top legal baseball betting sites in your state.

Online Gambling Laws

Baseball Betting Guide | The Next Step

By this point of the page, you should hopefully have already picked out the best baseball betting site for you. We’ve walked you through our top recommendations, why we love these sites, and the legal stuff you need to know. So, what’s the next step now? Well, the next step is getting out there and getting in some winning bets!

Don’t worry; we aren’t just going to turn you out into the wild like that. If you aren’t quite ready to make your first bet yet, that’s okay. We’ve put together a dedicated baseball betting guide to help get you headed down the baseline towards winning. If you’re looking for some help in picking winners, let our team of experts give you a hand.

Baseball Betting Guide*